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Land Law 2013 – New Regulations On Housing Investment!

Property is a very important field playing a huge role in the formation and economic development of every nation.

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As a result, our state in particular and countries all over the world, in general, have paid much attention to the land law in order to master the realm and control the proper activities that occur in the screening.

With the property is young, many changes have experienced historical events that make the investment in real estate in our country more focused. With the new provisions amended and supplemented in Land Law 2013 has made the property of our country in the direction and development more sustainable.

Some noteworthy new features for housing investment in land law 2013

The 2013 Land Law, also known as the Land Law 2013, was adopted by the XIII National Assembly on November 29, 2013, consisting of 14 chapters with 212 articles; an increase of 7 chapters, 66 of the old rules and officially took effect on 1 July 2014.

Accordingly, the Land Law 2013 has concretized and filled many legal gaps as well as shortcomings in all aspects, especially in the field of housing investment.

Land Law 2013
The XIII National Assembly discusses the 2013 land law

The law requires the addition of important regulations as well as the disclosure of information related to land use planning and planning, so as to ensure the legitimate interests of land users and to facilitate the people. People buy houses, buy land with more legal information. This helps organizations and individuals better understand the planning information in order to make a more accurate investment decision.

The Land Law of 2013 is more flexible in issuing certificates of land use rights to people. This creates favorable conditions for people to buy land and buy houses without worrying about paperwork, as well as too cumbersome legal procedures.

In the new law, the State also stipulates the determination and adjustment of land prices for the provincial / district People’s Committees to consider. Accordingly, the local self-assessment of the level of economic and social development that land prices more specific and accurate. This gives real estate developers a price advantage without encountering the same price war as before. In addition, the regulations on changes in the housing price bracket will be changed locally by the 5-year tenure, which makes the investment liquidity more effectively.

In addition, new laws regulating compensation and resettlement support as well as raising the duration of agricultural land allocation from 20 years to 50 years … make the investment in housing transparent and clear. than. Avoid the fluctuation of virtual land, land freeze or increase land prices mutation … Create conditions for housing developers to develop.

The change of the real estate of our country after the housing law 2013

After the land law of 2013 was officially implemented on July 1, 2014, so far, our real estate has achieved many amazing results.

Compared with 2014, the investment in housing investment in our country in 2015, 2016 respectively increased by 25 and 57%. Investment items for land purchase and home purchase are extremely developed which may include land-based investments; purchase land for the project; buying and selling real estate; buying and selling apartments and other types of the apartment complex…

Land Law 2013
Revenue from real estate investment is constantly rising

The opening of the housing law has made housing investment activities more and more exciting on a large scale. As noted by real estate experts, the land price has been pushed up to the ceiling level in the past three years from 5-20 million / m2 up to 30-55 million / m2 in Ho Chi Minh City.

On the other hand, it is the positive changes and additions in the 2013 housing law that motivate foreigners to buy land. Buying a house in Vietnam. According to some big contractors in Ho Chi Minh City, nearly 30% of apartments sold to foreigners come mainly from countries such as Korea and the US. Wide investment to buy land to buy houses abroad such as the US, Australia, and some European countries.

Land Law 2013
Foreigners increasingly favor housing investment in Vietnam

It can be said that land law 2013 is a new bright spot in the recognition and anticipation of trends in the real estate industry from the State. Thereby, on the one hand, boosting housing investment develops on the one hand control of other fluctuating issues in order to maintain the real estate development in the right direction and bring about positive effects.

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