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Legal Information About Imperia An Phu Project

Imperia An Phu

In addition, the investor of the project, Kien A, is also responsible for construction design as well as for public utilities and regulatory approvals.

In particular, customers paying 100% of the total value of the apartment will be handed over immediately. In case the customer has bought the apartment and paid 95% of the apartment value, only the remaining 5% will be paid to receive the pink book.

Who is the owner of Imperia An Phu luxury apartment?

Established in 1994, Kien A Trading and Service Co., Ltd started its business in the field of trading, specialized in producing high-quality ceramic tiles originated from Italy, Spain, and American safes.

1998 is considered a turning point of Kien A Company. Understanding the strong future development trend of the young but potential real estate market of Vietnam, the management of Kien A company has boldly shifted to the field of business investment and development real estate market basing on credibility and professional leadership as well as practical experience in executive management.

Imperia An Phu
Kien A is one of the most prestigious investors in Vietnam

In October 2001, over the first three years of its challenging but the successful renaissance, Kien A Trading – Service Co., Ltd officially moved into a joint stock company, expanding its scale and potential for development in the future.

Kien A ‘s investor from a small company distributing construction materials has become a multidisciplinary developer with currently active fields of real estate, finance and education. Kien A Group is best known as a successful developer with many projects such as Imperia An Phu, Citihome, Ventura, Galleria, Galleria, Citibella …

Nearly 20 years of experience in the field of real estate, the number of Kien A’s projects in the market is not much different from other corporations, but each product creates architectural imprints – quality in terms of construction and Interest in the needs of each resident, in which, green elements are always focused.

Through the quality assessment of the projects, investors can always put the quality of life of the residents first, all of Kien A’s projects optimize the area for the interior landscaping including trees. Green, walking, entertainment … Each house developed by Kien A is ecologically harmonious so that each resident living in it is best placed to take care of health and have a sense of peace, When I return home.

Actual image of Imperia An Phu apartment

Imperia Apartments are designed in Korean style, which makes the most use of natural light. Each apartment and each room of Imperia An Phu is carefully tailored to provide the residents with a comfortable and comfortable living environment.

Imperia An Phu
Imperia An Phu’s apartments are designed in Korean style

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Legal Information About Imperia An Phu Project

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