Little Mediterranean In Saigon Named Venica

The Venica Khang Dien villa project is dubbed the “miniature Mediterranean”. Let research about this project with Real Estate Vietnam.

Have you ever imagined that there would be a pure Mediterranean region existing between Saigon? If you have never had that thought, now you will be surprised, because in the East of Ho Chi Minh City there is a project called Villa Venica Khang Dien was dubbed Magnificent.

This is really a distinctive highlight of Saigon, because so far, the luxury real estate projects are in the style of France, America or Japan that few people define a beautiful area as mediterranean.

Villa Venica Khang Dien – Mediterranean shrinking middle of Saigon prosperous:

If you’ve ever seen windswept mansions in the pristine Mediterranean Sea, where the sunshine and the vast sea of sunshine and sunshine will shine, you will understand the intriguing beauty of this land.

Venica Khang Dien villa project

The Venica is surrounded by 3 gentle riversides, located in the prime location of Song Road with Ho Chi Minh City – Long Thanh – Dau Giay

The Mediterranean is an interesting area with a lot of unique, human, culinary culture to interior design. Taking advantage of the natural beauty of this land, Khang Dien and its famous partners have created the Venica Khang Dien Villa with the look and style of the Mediterranean architecture, you can see in each detail of the products in the project are exquisite beauty, classy, classic, liberal and extremely elegant.

Look at the stylized, super-large and super-nostalgic arched windows at Venica Khang Dien Villa, you will find a small Mediterranean area right on the pristine peninsula in District 9. This is the definition. Most characteristic of the design which anyone knows when to see will also recognize the silhouette of the Mediterranean land existing in Saigon. You can also find other great features featured in the construction materials of the pedestals and columns… They are all types of high-grade monolithic, providing stability and fashion, the level of the villa.

If you go deep into the space of the villa, you will be overwhelmed with the class, comfort and sophistication here. Not only is elegantly arranged, the science in detail, angles, furniture invested by Khang Dien at Villa Venica District 9 are imported from major brands in the world.

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On the whole, it can be said that 43 villas in Villa Venica Khang Dien all deserve the international 5 star standard, comparable with the world-class villas.

Things you need to know about Villa Venica Khang Dien:

Venica Khang Dien villa project

The letter of the Venica luxury, class, classic, liberal and extremely elegant.

Above are just some analysis of the planning design at The Venica Project developed by Khang Dien Housing Development and Trading Company. In addition to pursuing a Mediterranean-style semi-classical lifestyle, the project is also a haven of great value. If you do not know about them, please refer to the following share from us:

First of all, Villa Venica Khang Dien owns very clean living space, water surface area and green area occupy more than 70% of the total area of the project.

Secondly, the internal facilities at The Venica villas are of international standard, full and modern. Moreover, with strategic regional connectivity, residents will also enjoy the most impressive outdoor facilities in the area.

– Third, the living conditions in villas are safe with separate closed space, on the 3 sides of the canal adjacent to the canal. There are security guards, patrol guards and security cameras that operate on every route. The life of the inhabitants is ensured absolute safety.

Fourth, Venica Khang Dien Villa is a high-end project targeting high-end clients who are successful civilizations. So this is the gathering of an international community of citizens, conducive to the education of children and the expansion of good relationships.

Venica Khang Dien villa project

Venica Khang Dien Villa is a high-end project targeting the upper class clientele, who are successful civilizations.

Fifth, the products in the project are now 100% complete, customers can come to visit the house you want to settle in, or investment by “eye to palm”, not just imagine the paper As other projects need to raise capital.

– Finally, although the project is known as the Mediterranean small world-class, but Khang Dien is selling at very favorable rates, from only 12 billion to 33 billion / depending on the type (included SQUEEZE). Compared with many other projects in the same million dollar segment, the Venica Khang Dien Villa is very customer friendly.

The above is some interesting information about the project Villa Venica Khang Dien District 9, if you need more references, Jamila Khang Dien project also brought a lot of interesting for you.

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