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Looking Back On The Project Which Kicked Off And Restarted In Ho Chi Minh City In 2016

Project started and restart

In 2016, the infrastructure system was kicked off in Ho Chi Minh City which is quite small, most of which are small-scale projects. In addition, projects in the field of cultural entertainment such as stadiums, theaters, sporting event hall or exhibition areas have not been started.

Some of the major projects that have been implemented in 2016 include:

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Metro projects

Project started and restart
Ben Thanh-Suoi Tien Metro Station

Commencing construction of Bason metro station, Ben Thanh, package 1a construction of underground metro from Ben Thanh central station to City Theater station. Two metro lines are the 2nd line (Ben Thanh – Tham Luong) and the 5th line in phase 1 (Bay Hien cross – Saigon bridge), although they have full of capital, the project can not start due to the obstacle of procedures and premises.

Other infrastructure projects

Launching five-storey parking garage, Tan Son Nhat airport, widening Tan Son Nhat International Airport, D3 connecting to Sai Gon – Hiep Phuoc port, Go May Bridge, My Thuy roundabout, 6-way intersections Go Vap, Ho Chi Minh National University intersection, the intersection of Nguyen Tri Phuong Bridge and Vo Van Kiet, the underground tunnel of An Suong, widening Phan Van Tri Road, the junction of Ba Chiem Bridge to Hiep Industrial Park. Phuoc, marble lined the whole sidewalk in the center of HCM City, implementing many new bus models, starting the project of VND 10.000 billion to solve flood by Trung Nam as an investor.

Project started and restart
Go May flyover

However, there are still projects that stretch from Pham Van Dong to Go Dua intersection (VND 1,134 billion), Binh Tien Road (VND 2,382 billion), Nguyen Van Linh – Nguyen Huu Tho  intersection (VND 2,620 billion); construction of the section from An Lac to Long An (VND1,990 billion); two public waterways (VND124 billion ); Ho Chi Minh City – Long Thanh – Dau Giay highways (VND 869 billion), underground garage of Le Van Tam park(VND 1,748 billion), underground garage of Trong Dong Theatre (VND 740 billion), underground garage of Tao Dan Park (VND 964 billion) and underground garage of Hoa Lu Stadium (VND 3,212 billion) have not yet been started. BRT, monorail, high speed, Mien Dong  Coach Station, Mien Tay Coach Station are still under planning so no new projects are started.

High-rise real estate projects

There are four skyscrapers in the downtown area: SJC Tower, Tax Plaza, Vinhomes Golden River and Hilton Tower. The major projects will implement such as Vietcapital Center, TNR Tower 36-42 Chu Manh Trinh, Saigon Dragon Tower 7-9 Ton Duc Thang, Saigon Me Linh Tower, Sunwah Pearl, Empire City, Palm City hay Diamond City.

Project started and restart
SJC Tower

The center has three office buildings over 120m which have been completed such as: German House, Pearl Plaza and Saigon Center 2 & 3, while Saigon One Tower has not yet “revived”, the Spirit of Saigon has not yet emerged from the ground “Eco Smart City reduced its scale to $ 930 million, Kenton Residence and Petro Landmark District 2 silently revived.

Vietnam Financial Center projects (District 10), Can Gio project, or Saigon Safari will start in 2017.

The most prominent feature of the real estate market is certainly the $ 6 billion Saigon Peninsula project of Van Thinh Phat Group. In addition, this is the year that Van Thinh Phat deployed and acquired a number of projects such as Sai Gon Port, Saigon One Tower, Nguyen Hue Hotel, Thuan Kieu Plaza, Golden Hill …

In addition, Khaisilk surprisingly launched two super-products which are The Khai and The Prince, Phu My Hung building in 2nd phase The Crescent Mall.

Apartments mushroomed as District 2, District 7, Tan Phu, Binh Thanh, Nha Be, District 4, Binh Chanh, District 9, Thu Duc, District 8. The number of projects has emerged is nearly 100 projects which are equivalent to grow several hundred tall buildings.

Public health facilities

Project started and restartLaunching Hospital Oncology 2, 175 Military Hospital, Hospital District 2 and opening Vinmec Hospital. Meanwhile, Children’s Hospital 3 has not yet operated, and other hospitals such as Cho Ray 2, District 7 new hospital, Saigon General Hospital has not been able to start because of many reasons.

Science – Culture – Irrigation works

Launching Sai Gon Silicon Park, Millennium Parks, Hutech Institute of High Tech and Nguyen Tat Thanh SHTP, Saigon East Commercial Center, Rach Chiec Lake, Mui Den Do Park, Colorful Zone amusement park, opening the largest park in Ho Chi Minh City as Vinhomes Central Park, while projects such as lakes in the area of Bau Cat, Khanh Hoi, Thu Thiem and Go Dua can not be started due to many reasons.

Construction of the “Improve drainage in Hang Bang canal” under the second phase of the Ho Chi Minh City Water Environment Improvement Project, while improving the dredged canal of Kenh Doi- Kenh Te-Tham Luong-Ben Cat – Vam Thuat – Xuyen Tam … still, can not be constructed.

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Looking Back On The Project Which Kicked Off And Restarted In Ho Chi Minh City In 2016

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