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Melosa Garden Khang Dien In District 9 – The Best Choice For You

Melosa Garden project

Melosa Garden is one of the projects owned by Khang Dien. Currently, a lot of people are paying attention to this project. This is considered the project that has high profitability and meets the needs of living.

The Vietnam Real Estate is a gathering of many projects on townhouses and high-end villas. Besides, Melosa Garden project is very “hot” in District 9 with much natural scenery, nearly the center of the city, which is very convenient for traffic.

The overall of Melosa Garden project

 Melosa Garden project
Overall project Melosa Garden Khang Dien District 9

Melosa Garden project has a total area of 17.3 hectares, that is not to mention the green park with an area about 4 hectares to bring a green space to the project. Melosa Garden is a large-scale project with 442 duplex, single and townhouse apartments.

The project with many utility facilities and facilities is extremely modern and eye-catching. It will become the best tourist destination as well as the best environment for people living here. It is located in the front of Vanh Dai 2 near the center of the city and not far from other Districts of Ho Chi Minh City. It is not only serving the need to enjoy life for the holidays but also meeting the needs to live here.

Melosa Garden with many facilities

 Melosa Garden project
Facilities at Melosa Garden Khang Dien

To have an ideal location, many visitors enjoy the beauty and space of the villa and townhouse is not enough. A very important thing is the convenient service here. Because of modern life, people are busy with daily life.

There is not much time to foster health, utility services meet the needs of people. It does not take a long time, but it is still possible to participate in sports activities. Melosa Garden offers a wide range of facilities, large outdoor green parks. Tennis courts and a gym with modern equipment will meet the needs of modern human.

Surrounding the project Melosa Garden is an advantageous location with convenient transportation, near District 1 and District 2 of the city center. The project also includes schools, hospitals and financial centers in the campus, which maximizes the needs of customers and bringing the best life to Melosa Garden.

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Villa, townhouse at Melosa Garden

With many different designs, large space with natural landscape, the project is built on three criteria: luxurious, modern and green. Construction area of each townhouse in Melosa Garden is from 200sqm to 216sqm. The neighborhoods are built near the green park to bring fresh air while living here.

 Melosa Garden project
With luxurious interior designs, the most scientific and space-saving layout

For the villa area, the construction area is 216sqm. The villas have many airy windows, green gardens and a fence separated from the outside. With luxurious interior designs, the most scientific and space-saving layout are set, visitors can enjoy the best life.

If anyone is looking for a new place to live, come to Melosa Garden and you will get the place bringing the best for you. Fresh space is very suitable for children playing also near the city center. Traveling with us will be easier. Melosa Garden also has schools, hospitals and administrative centers. Their education will not be a problem.

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Melosa Garden Khang Dien In District 9 – The Best Choice For You

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