Millennium Apartment With Values For The Future

Sai Gon at peak traffic congestion is one of the aching issues. You have to get on the road many hours to get home, the fatigue of the job and the fatigue when you have to step on the road will drain energy at the end of your day. Stepping back home, you will no longer want to take care of whoever is tired of yourself with what is happening all day.

In this context, the environment, social issues such as the desire to own a luxury apartment, competitive price but close to nature as a place to build a family home has become prerequisite demand of every one. Understanding the psychology of the people, as well as grasp the needs and expectations of customers also the needs of investors and current market trends. Masteri brand has continued to deploy Millennium Masteri Apartments.

Convenient transportation location.

Millennium Apartment

Millennium Apartments owns the prime location at Van Don District 4

With a prime location is located Ben Van Don, Ward 6, District 4, Ho Chi Minh city. The Millennium apartment project shines down to the Ben Nghe river with direct views of the centre of Saigon.

Owning a high value gold location right in the center of Ho Chi Minh City, connecting to District 1, District 7, District 3, District 5, only 5 minutes. District 4 Masteri project adjacent to financial center “Wall Street Vietnam”. The most crowded place in Saigon. You will not have too much time to get home once you have an apartment in the centre, with the continuation of many main roads.

Designing smart apartment.

Architects have designed so that each apartment can take full advantage of the energy from nature. Energy from the sun will overwhelm your living space. As soon as you open the door to the balcony, the sunshine and the wind will wind through your apartment, besides the blue of the small pots will soothe the tiredness within you. Standing on the balcony floor, you can view the street to see the streets of Saigon. You will feel the peace that the apartment brings.

Millennium Apartment

Millennium apartment design is extremely luxurious and modern

Stylish, modern design has the trend of high-class. Smart apartments are designed with optimal utilization of space. Modern design style but still very green when investors spend more than 60% of the area to plant trees. You will live in a green space. The layout of the equipment in each apartment is also towards smart harmony. Recent developments are the smart interior design, which helps the apartment not only make use of living space and the value of use of furniture is also enhanced.

Do not miss this, as each interior fixture is arranged as you enter the apartment, a generous and spacious feeling will come to you.

Unlimited vision.

With a central location, adjacent to many major roads leading to a widened view of the project. Games unlimited view of the city center and the Saigon River. You can admire the magical beauty of the city at night, golden sunset, dawn radiant with the sound of the new day. What is more peaceful after a day of stressful work with the loved ones standing at his apartment watching the streets, contemplating what you have.

Expansive high-class facilities, diversity.

Towards professionalism, all services of the project are carefully invested. Service staffs are trained in a methodical and professional way. You will be served by the most professional people. These diverse utilities of Millennium apartment project: modern commercial centre, luxury gym, modern pool, high-class restaurants, an outdoor play area.

-The lake offers a natural landscape.

-Garden is on the premises.

-Gym with full of modern equipment.

-International standard swimming pool.

-Outdoor BBQ makes it easy to party with friends and family.

-The spacious outdoor relaxation area offers comfort to the guests.

– Quiet office has a clear view, you can admire the city’s magical beauty at night, golden sunset, dawn radiant with the sound of the new day.

-Children’s play area helps to meet the children’s outdoor activities.

– Entrance to the modern apartment

-Spacious apartment lounge

-Outdoor parking.

The greenery surrounding the campus combined with the lake, the waterfall landscape gives customers the comfort of being in harmony with nature. This is a soft stroke to dispel the roughness of the apartment.

Investment ensures a sustainable future.

The project was built by a team of convergence of brand names: TECHCOMBANK, SAVILLS. Your investment will be guaranteed, as well as the promise of the value of the Millennium Masteri Apartments.

See more information available at: Vietnam Property

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