Mini Townhouse More Than VND 100 Million/sqm Is Hot In Saigon

Information about the small townhouse for more than VND 100 million/sqm in the downtown area is really a fever in the real estate market.

Mini town is cheap

Ho Chi Minh City is the wave of buying houses built for housing, for the investment, to invest. This wave is spreading to the neighboring provinces and the source of goods is in the unfinished state having sold out.

As noted by VnExpress, the purchase of houses with the small area of the market has its own market, although the supply is limited, the demand is pretty much. The most typical are the houses with the only 6sqm of land, a ground floor two floors, full sovereignty, on Ngo Gia Tu street (District 10, HCM City) appeared recently traded for VND 700 million when the news is for sale. Customers mainly buy to stay. These homes quickly attract customers because of the soft price in the center of the city.

Mini townhouse more than VND 100 million/sqm is hot in Saigon

A built-up townhouse project in HCMC

According to VnExpress source exploited by brokers, these houses are small (total floor area of 18 sqm), but still allocated space 2 bedrooms, kitchen, living room, parking. Compared with the “soft price” housing market in the market area of 45sqm-50 sqm (currently at the threshold of VND 850 million to under VND 1 billion), a mini townhouse is still very competitive. Moreover, apartment in district 10 has a high unit with the high price per sqm, it is difficult to find apartments under VND  one billion. Therefore, the message appeared in less than 24 hours watch and buy immediately due to full legal documents.

Phu Nhuan district, Phan Dinh Phung area has also appeared transactions house with the area less than 10sqm, full papers, building 2-3 floors. However, the land unit price in this area is higher, over VND 100 million /sqm depending on the alley location.

The number of cheap bargains and distribution

According to Data First, in the past nine months, mini-streets in Saigon still appear to sell, but not as much as the type of large-size townhouses. Specifically, 30-40m2 townhouse, VND 700 million-VND 900 million VND per house with VND 1.2 million advertised. Townhouses with the total area of 20sqm-30sqm, mainly in the small alley, selling price of VND 600 million/ unit having nearly 1.3 million messages in the past third quarter. Binh Thanh District is the leader in the total number of 24 districts. Meanwhile, the mini-land area of 6 sqm-12 sqm, priced at VND 300 million – VND 500 million per unit, only 510 news posted from the beginning of the year and the location appears more Go Vap.

Mini townhouse more than VND 100 million/sqm is hot in Saigon

So far, so many people have demand for cheap mini houses but they are still worried and anxious about the quality of it.

About the area there is much news of mini town in Ho Chi Minh City, Data First said the distribution almost all over the city, most, in turn, fall into the districts: Go Vap District, District 12, Thu Duc District, District 9, District 7, District 8, Binh Thanh District, Binh Tan District, Tan Phu District, District 10, District 6.

The solution for low-income people?

So far, so many people have a need to buy cheap mini houses but they are still worried and anxious about the quality of it. Moreover, these houses are often located far from the center, difficult to travel. Therefore, the information about the mini-town at the center with soft price recently appeared fever on the market is also understandable. If the quality and legal issues of these houses are really guaranteed then this is good news for low-income people.

However, the problem is that the supply of this segment is not much, even brokers put these cheap mini houses on the rare, so the number of houses is not enough to meet the demand. of the majority of people. If investors pay more attention to this market segment to address the housing demand for city dwellers today, the townhouse market will be extremely active as the demand for residential property is still very high.

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