Modern Facilities Of Marina Hill Villa

Living in a healthy environment close to nature, but still full of facilities is the desire of many people. Therefore, when building Marina Hill Villa project, Nha Trang Green Hill company has invested properly and scientifically for facilities.

Those adequate and attractive facilities will help residents living at Marina Hill Villa project experience the top quality of living, despite living in a shady garden and an isolated place from the bustling world.

  1. The high quality of facilities of Marina Villa project

What are the high-class facilities of Marina Villa project? How did the investor plan for the hit project in the North of Nha Trang which is already good in quality of life?

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These are some outstanding facilities of the project which attract huge customers:

– The family surgery is located on the campus of the project. It is a special, useful and appreciated facility because the health is always at the number one. It is built like prestigious international hospitals, and there are always doctors and nurses on duty. When unexpected health problems strike, customers can connect directly to the surgery for timely treatment, therefore they completely feel secure about their health care.

– Children are the “resources” of the country so their lives should be cared for from an early age. At Villa Marina Hill Villa project, investors are very interested in the life of residents whether it is child ones. Thus, the children will have their own amusement park and learning area with modern equipment. As for the game, the children not only can enjoy playing with modern games but also can “back to the past” to play the traditional game. Fully-equipped facilities and an open space create favorable conditions for the children to be free to experience, explore and play safely as they like.

– At the Marina Hill Villa Project, Nha Trang Green Hill pays special attention to the spiritual life of the residents. Therefore, the inside of the campus is invested to build a world-class reading room with thousands of books as a general library. All members of Marina Hill who love reading can come here to enjoy a cup of coffee, and enrich their knowledge through scented pages.

Besides of three facilities, the Marina Hill Villa project certainly has a modern gym, spa, open beauty treatment, club house, supermarket and convenience stores, etc.

  1. Enjoying the high-class quality of living at Marina Hill Villa project

75% of the project area is used for green space and facilities. As for the green area, Marina Hill Villa has shady trees in roads, ecological lakes, the romantic and airy park surrounding the project, lively music area next to the lake, etc. With regard to facilities, it includes surgeries, supermarkets, theme parks, sports areas, swimming pool, BBQ area, etc.

Marina Hill Nha Trang

Enjoy fresh and happy life at Marina Hill Nha Trang

Both facilities bring comfortable space to its users. You and your family members will always feel comfortable when living in Marina Hill without boredom, worry about social evils, and most importantly, worried about dirty food. As the food supplied in the local supermarket is clean and organic certified.

Please contact us and experience Project Hill Villa Marina Villa, you will understand how to enjoy the high quality of life.

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