New Regulation In Apartment Classification

Classification is the basis for determining the value of a building

According to Circular No. 31/2016 / TT-BXD, the purpose and requirements of classifying and classifying apartment buildings is to determine the value of condominiums when conducting management or trading in the market. In particular, the Circular provides four groups of criteria for classifying condominiums: the criteria for planning and architecture; Group criteria on systems, technical equipment; Group of criteria on services and social infrastructure; Group of criteria for quality, management and operation.

Based on the four categories of criteria will be classified as 03 class apartment buildings in categories A, B, C. Classification and recognition class apartment buildings are made for each apartment building and must meet the requirements As built in accordance with the detailed construction master plan approved by the competent authority; According to the granted construction permit (for cases where a construction permit is required under the construction law). Condominiums must comply with the national technical regulations on condominiums and other relevant national technical regulations. Condominiums have completed the construction investment in accordance with the provisions of the law on housing, construction law and relevant laws, have been handed over and used in violation of the provisions of The law at the time of submission of dossiers requesting recognition of grades. Condominiums must not be demolished or belong to areas where land recovery decisions of competent state agencies have been issued.

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Construction Ministry circular

New regulations in apartment classification

Circular 31/2016 / TT-BXD provides for the classification and validation of apartment building class officially effective from 15/2. (Illustration)

To be more specific, the circular for condominiums classified Class A must be located in a location with convenient transportation system, less than 0.5 km from the main street (urban and regional level); Access to metropolitan public transport (less than 0.5 km from the station, bus stop, bus stop, subway, overhead train). Building density does not exceed 45%, the average area of the apartment on the minimum bedroom of 35m2, the commercial center within a radius of no more than 1km, There is a camera control system in the parking lot Car, hall, corridor, stairs; Access control (magnetic card, fingerprint, electronic code …).

For class B apartments in locations where traffic systems are convenient, less than 0.5 km from main streets (urban and regional level); Access to public transport (metro stations, bus stops, bus stops, metro and overhead trains) can be reached within less than one kilometer. The building density shall not exceed 55%, the average floor area of the apartment shall be at least 30 sqm, with commercial center or supermarket within a 1.5km radius. There are management units, professional operators and camera control systems in car parks, halls, corridors, stairs.

Grade C apartments are condominiums that meet all requirements for classification but do not qualify for Grade A and Grade B.

A real estate expert said that classifying and classifying apartment buildings is essential as this is the basis for determining the value of the building. Classification of housing is recognized by the management agency will avoid disputes, complaints related to rates of service, management apartment. This is the basis for applying the price of management services, the operation of apartments in accordance with price brackets issued by the provincial People’s Committee.

Strong handling of violations

In order to effectively classify and classify apartment buildings, the Circular states that the Housing Management and Real Estate Market Department shall organize the inspection or preside over and coordinate with agencies and units. They belong to the Ministry of Construction and the concerned ministries and branches shall organize periodical or extraordinary inspection of the classification and recognition of a class of apartment buildings nationwide. The provincial/municipal Construction Services shall organize the inspection or assume the prime responsibility for, and coordinate with the local functional agencies in, conducting periodical or extraordinary inspections of the classification and recognition of house grades Apartment in the area. For condominiums which have been recognized for their grade, in the course of examination and inspection, if the competent bodies detect that such condominiums no longer meet the criteria for classification as at the time of accreditation. Or commit acts of violating the housing legislation, construction law and relevant legislation, the provincial/municipal Construction Services shall cancel the class-housing apartment-classification decision. Deleting the information and documents on recognition of grades published on the portal and informing the owners, administrators, and investors (if any) of the apartment. Depending on the seriousness of their violations, organizations and individuals shall be administratively handled or examined for penal liability according to the provisions of law. In case of damage, compensation must be made according to the provisions of law.

In response to the press, representatives of the Department of Housing and the real estate market said that the classification of apartments in accordance with Circular 31 is required because this is provided in the Housing Act 2014. The investor still has to obey.

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