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Nha Trang: The Project Has Not Been Qualified For Public Sale Business

Real estate in Nha Trang

In addition to the positive signals, the real estate market in Nha Trang (Khanh Hoa) is emerging problems, including the sale of projects not qualified business, illegal capital mobilization goodwill, deposit booking, although some projects are mortgaged.

With strong attraction from tourism, many years back, Nha Trang is becoming one of the hot spots of the real estate market with attractive investment opportunities.

According to the Khanh Hoa Real Estate Association, nearly 100 real estate projects have been launched, of which 12 are in operation, 32 are in operation and 49 projects are undergoing investment procedures.

Survey of real estate brokerage Khanh Hoa show that, among the projects deployed, prominent are urban projects located in the west of Nha Trang and the project of real estate holiday resort (resort, condominium or hotel) is strongly attracting the participation of investors.

Especially, the most impressive for the majority of customers on the brand, legal, progress and quality of the project must include Vingroup Group with the product line of real estate resort and resort. VCN Investment Joint Stock Company with urban areas located in the West of Nha Trang (Vinh Diem Trung, Phuoc Hai, Phuoc Long).

Real estate in Nha Trang
Real estate in Nha Trang has appeared many problems that may cause chaos, distort market

However, besides positive signals, Nha Trang real estate market has appeared many problems that may cause chaos and market distortion, including the sale of mortgage and banking projects.

Tran Dinh Quy, Chairman of the Khanh Hoa Real Estate Association, said that Khanh Hoa real estate market had some weak investors in terms of managerial and financial capacity. These investors “shake hands” with real estate brokerage companies do snatch (especially the real estate floor outside the province to set up branches in Nha Trang), often for sale, posted on the media, illegal capital mobilization in the form of deposits of goodwill, registration of reservations, although these projects may be mortgaged, pledged and not approved by the Department of Construction Projects eligible for real estate business.

“These real estate investors and real estate brokers have made the real estate market in Nha Trang – Khanh Hoa over time become bowls, people, customers are pushed into the situation due to disturbance information, be deceived and lead to the complaints and petitions of customers with the investor.

In the long run, this situation will cause chaos, distort the real estate market, negatively affect the reputation of the investors as well as the real brokerage floor, making the trust of customers for any Nha Trang beach is eroded”, Quy emphasized.

According to the Chairman of the Khanh Hoa real estate brokerage, at present, in Nha Trang companies specializing in real estate brokerage set up a lot. Some companies do not set up the floor, do not join the Association making the management of the authorities as well as the brokerage difficult.

“It is these companies that are the main cause of the” multi-level “real estate, non-compliance, no real estate brokerage certificate, self-posting, receiving money for sale. Although the project owner has not allowed”, Quy said.

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Real estate in Nha Trang

To solve the consequences caused by these companies, according to Mr. Quy, the investors had to post the correction and send reports to authorities at all levels to ensure the interests of customers avoid the phenomenon of fraud. Defeat, complain later, at the same time keep the prestige and protect your brand.

According to the Department of Natural Resources and Environment of Khanh Hoa province, on October 2nd, 14 investors still have mortgaged part or whole of the house and land project for banks. Under the rules, if not released, not sold, but in fact, lots of plots of land have been mortgaged for sale. If people are not cautious, it is very easy to trap with the introduction of real estate brokers and scavengers to snatch.

In order to prevent the sale of the land being mortgaged and not qualified for business, the People’s Committee of Khanh Hoa province has agreed to deal with the purchase of land pledged at the bank for people to invest in construction projects and to build houses; In particular, increasing sanction of purchase behavior is not eligible.

Currently, on the website of the Department of Natural Resources and Environment of Khanh Hoa province has announced the project, the land of the investors are mortgaging the bank. People want to buy a house or land or travel apartments just type in address, information about the mortgage project is displayed clearly.

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