Policty And Price Of The Khang Dien – Jamila Apartment

Selling price of Khang Dien Jamila apartment District 9 from $1000 is the price expensive or cheap? Get together with Batdongsan Express to learn about the price and price incentive policies applied at Jamila Khang Dien Apartment District 9.

Not only bring peaceful living space among crowded streets, Khang Dien is also for the Jamila Khang Dien Apartment District 9 with great value on flexible payment policy. Many attractive offers, attractive discounts and a range of value-added gifts await you when selecting Jamila Apartment District 9.

Let us discover, learn more about the policies, payment methods of the Jamila District 9 Apartment and give yourself the best judgment, as well as the best choice.

Jamila Apartment

Jamila Khang Dien apartments are priced from 22.5 million / m2

Attractive Price Policy for Jamila Khang Dien Apartment District 9:

The Jamila Khang Dien Apartment District 9 project, as shared in the previous articles, is Khang Dien’s first highrise 9th district project in Districts. Jamila Khang Dien is the son of the great value of the spirit of the owner, the market offers 867 apartments with high-end facilities, helping the residents of Ho Chi Minh City more and more. That is the right choice when looking for a happy home.

According to the road owner Khang Dien apartments officially announced to customers, the first phase will only open the market 220 apartments. Specific:

On 8th April, Khang Dien received the customer a reservation at the Jamila Khang Dien District 9 Apartment District 9 to select the preferred location. This is a great advantage because when you book, you will have the opportunity to own the best apartment with beautiful view, unlimited vision. Not only that, you will also be one of the lucky customers to experience attractive deals (limited amount).

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Next, May 15th, the project will officially open for sale. That is, at this time, you can choose and directly own the apartment is own for the price policy, flexible payment method applied by the investor.

So, if the plan is announced, only about 10 more days the project was officially broadcast. So now, if you have a need to order an apartment at Jamila Khang Dien District 9 Project, you should be prepared in advance to participate in the first sale in this May.

Jamila Apartment

Jamila Khang Dien owns a favorable position

.Accordingly, the price of each square meter at Jamila Khang Dien District 9 Apartment will range from $1000 to $1100. The price will vary depending on the direction of view, the area of the apartment and the floor in which the apartment is located. Normally, the price of the two corners will be higher than the normal ones. If the average plus price policy, to own a 2-bedroom apartment, you will only prepare about $58000. This figure is very attractive and soft, as the Jamila Khang Dien District 9 Apartment is not just a normal apartment, it is a high-grade apartment located along the river, in a prime location. Therefore, the price is really just right, if not cheaper than the common ground.

On May 14, model house of Khang Dien Jamila District 9 will officially complete and welcome customers to visit. You can take a preview of the model house to make better decisions.

Outstanding incentive programs are offered at Jamila Khang Dien Apartment District 9:

Apart from the most attractive price policy in the area, the Jamila Khang Dien Apartment Project also has many incentives and super promotions.

Accordingly, only on the discount rate of Khang Dien. Specific:

– For apartment buyers, if you buy 2-3 units will be discounted 1%, buy from 4-6 units will be discounted 1.5% and buy from 7 units will be discounted 2%.

– With customers to pay in excess of schedule, Khang Dien also offer attractive discount policy is not inferior. Accordingly, if you pay 95% of the chartered capital – 70% of the chartered capital – 50% of the chartered capital, you will be discounted 8% – 4% – 3% respectively.

Jamila Apartment

System of utilities full, luxurious of Jamila Khang Dien apartment

– With the deposit on the opening day, Khang Dien discount 2% of the total value of the apartment, and continue to discount 1% more if it is patrons, has ever bought one of the projects developed by Khang Dien.

In addition to the discount schemes that bring high benefits to customers, buyers of Khang Dien Jamila District 9 Apartment have the opportunity to receive a variety of value gifts through a lucky draw. The awards are as follows:

  • 1 Vespa Premavera for special winners.
  • A $2300-Family Kit Voucher for the 1st prize winner.
  • 2 UHD Curved Samsung 40 ‘TV for 2nd Prize Winner …

There are also many other gifts such as Panasonic Inverter air conditioner, 5 million VND voucher…

If you would like to find out more about pricing, incentives and payments at Jamil District Khang Dien Apartment District 9, please contact us. You will be instructed to apply for bank loans at low interest rates to access your desired apartment.

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