Price Rate Premier Village Phu Quoc Resort

Price Rate Premier Phu Quoc Resort Village And Preferred Policy. Recently, the project of Premier Village Phu Quoc Resort has been referred to by many great facilities: from restaurants to spas, from marinas to infinity swimming pools …

With the luxurious and unique design, the beautiful landscape to the degree of flawlessness: front is the blue sea water to the smooth white sand, behind is the hills and primeval forests with streams, fairies and ancient trees.

All have incorporated and created a Premier Village Phu Quoc Resort is wonderful.

With such a great villa, how much is the price of a villa at Premier Village Phu Quoc Resort? Does it match with what the customer receives? And how does the owner make sales policies? Let’s find out soon.

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How much is the price of a villa at Premier Village Phu Quoc Resort?

-According to recent information, the lowest price of the villa at Premier Village Phu Quoc Resort is over $850,000 (including VAT).

– And the highest selling price of the villa in the Premier Village Phu Quoc Resort is about $1,700,000 (Including VAT).

So with the price on it is not small right? However, with all the benefits as well as the policies that the Sun Group owner makes, it will certainly make you feel reasonable and satisfied.

So what is the Sun Group’s investor policy? Soon we will learn together

Rental income commitment level: When customers want to buy a villa at Premier Village Phu Quoc Resort, they are entitled to a profit margin of up to 9% per year and for a period of 10 consecutive years, every customer receives these commitments.

So when do you start getting this 9% incentive?

Investors will start paying and committing the rental income. And so you – the owners at the Premier Village villa Phu Quoc Resort, will receive this right after you pay 95% of the value of the villa and receive handover. And so you will begin to receive the same commitment as the policy and incentives as committed to the Sungroup investor.

So what is the payment period at Premier Village Phu Quoc?

The pay periods of every customer will be paid according to the following periods: The first period is after 6 months from the time you have qualify. And the next period is that every 6 months customers will have to pay on June 30 and December 31 every year. It is also quite simple for customers who want to buy a villa here right?

And especially when you are the future owner of one of the villas at Premier Village Phu Quoc Resort you will get one more offer that is: you will own 15 nights / year free resort at the villa project or not you can choose to convert to the number of rooms at the resort level.

What is it? After you purchase the villa at Premier Village Phu Quoc Resort you get 15 free nights at the villa or can redeem rooms at other class resorts nationwide led by the Sun Group. Private: The Sebel Phu Quoc, JW Mariot Resort and Spa Phu Quoc, or perhaps the Ritz Carlton Hotel, Reserve.

Not only that, the future owners of the villas at Premier Village Phu Quoc Resort will become the official members of the Sol Club for the most loyal customers of Sun Group. And so you will be completely free or reduced entertainment services in the hotel system owned by Sun Group.

And, the future owners also receive a great deal of the “Sun Group Experience” program worth up to $ 10,000. With this privilege, customers will experience a night in the super-level villas such as: Ixora, Frangipani or Hibiscus – luxury resorts in the world. So cool right?

How about payment progress at Premier Village Phu Quoc?

Your payment progress will be as follows:

 -After placing a deposit of $21,000 at the time you deposit agreement

– Next you have to deposit 1: 30% of the price of the villa within 10 days of signing the deposit agreement (not including VAT)

– First payment: You will be contracted to purchase 30% of the villa sale price including the first deposit (including VAT)

– Second payment: 65% of the value of the villa within 15 days and the villa will start to be included in the rental program.

– And the third payment is 5% of the sale price of the villa right at the time of receiving the certificate

Quite convenient and easy right?

With the fact that you will own one of the villas at Premier Village Phu Quoc Resort is not only a great thing but it also represents the luxury of future owners. So do not wait any more and come immediately with Premier Village Phu Quoc Resort!

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