The Privilege For The Residents Of The Diamond Island Condominium

The Resort Diamond Island Condominium in District 2 is considered as the high-end resort chain where has the utilities for the Diamond Island’s Residents.

The resort home is a keyword which you always see on the real estate websites or forums. Which are the criteria to appreciate that the project is the resort home?

– Location:  Having no noise, pollution, smog and dust of the city, it is not only fresh, quiet but also convenient for moving to the commercial center of the city.

-Green living space: It is the decisive factor for the value of the apartment. A resort project succeeds when the building ratio is less than the green rate.

-Vision: It is the criteria showing the infinite value of a project. In any apartment of the projects, you can also view the panorama of the city and the landscapes of nature.

Diamond Island

Diamond Island Apartment As A Luxury 5 Star Resort

-High-end living space: The apartment is designed by the famous designer with the intelligent devices, the famous interior-exterior systems and the safe security system

The Diamond Island apartment chain – the only natural island in District 2 is the great resort apartment, it not only meets the full of the criteria but also owns the extremely great advantages.

The Diamond Island has the prime location

Diamond Island is located at no 104, the first street of the Quarter 3, Binh Trung Tay Ward, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City.

From the Diamond Island, you can move to the center of Ho Chi Minh city about 15 minutes easily and it takes 10 minutes to go the Thu Thiem new urban conveniently.

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In the future, addition to the main road, the waterway and the Cau Mong station (District 1), the Diamond Island Bridge with the Mai Chi Tho street is completed, the transportation will be more convenient.

Diamond Island

Location of Diamond Island project

The prestige and the quality are confirmed from the Diamond Island’s investor

The Diamond Island project is the first real estate product which is built in Vietnam of the the Kusto Home multinational corporation headquartered in Singapore. Thus, the expectation is very great.

Green space

The Diamond Island is surrounded by the rivers in three sides where has the flow from the Saigon river on the Giong Ong To river and flows into the Nhanh Nho river. It was covered by a green space of the forest, the lawn and the flower garden making the exquisite combination which brings the wonderful space for the Diamond Island.

The total area of the project is more than 79 900 sqm, the green area is 83.5%. It is estimated that each resident of the Diamond Island will own 16 sqm of this green area.

The amenities are equipped in the Diamond Island Condominium

All facilities are provided fully from 1 bedroom (82 sqm) to 4 bedrooms (392 sqm)

The first interesting point is that each room has a private balcony, you can also view the panorama of the city as well as breathe in the fresh air.

The space is designed extremely luxurious and modern making the harmony which will bring the peaceful feelings.

The Diamond Island apartment is designed perfectly. Each room is equipped with modern facilities such as the interior and exterior systems, smart devices of Bosch, Koler, Toaster, fridge, dryer, safe, telephone, microwave, oven, air-conditioning, LCD tv…

The high-end utilities at the Diamond Island in District 2

Diamond Island

Perfect design style at Diamond Island District 2

Built in the resort model, so the Diamond Island has not only the green living space  but also the high-end utilities for the family such as Jacuzzi swimming pool, marine of private yacht  with the five-star standards, children’s water park , nursery, academy of music art, sports complex, spa, jogging area…

The international quality in the Diamond Island District 2

The Diamond Island is invested professionally by the Kusto Home’s investor, the Contecons’ contractor and the Ascott management group. Thus, all of the constructions are also designed with five-star standard of the resort style.

The selling price of the Diamond Island Condominium

The Diamond Island project’s scale consists of 6 private divisions: Brilliant, Bahamas, Hawaii, Canary, Bora Bora, Maldives with the height from 21 to 29 floors. The number of apartments is 1234 units and all apartments have two unique directions are the internal of swimming pool area and the river.

The types of the departments of the Diamond Island project include:

– 1 bedroom apartment: 55 sqm.

– 2 bedrooms apartment: 85 sqm.

– 3 bedrooms apartment: 120 sqm.

And the other departments such as the Poor Vill, the Garden Villa and the Villa.

The lowest price of the one bedroom apartment with the area of 55 sqm is 99 784 USD (excluding VAT).

The gentle method of payment

The clients will be support the payment of 30% buying home and support 0% interest in 24 months.

– Deposting before 16th of July is 50million (refunded).

– The contract to the December of 2016: 10% Deposit.

-The purchase contract will be expected on the December of 2016 with two monthly payments of 10%;

– Getting apartment with the payment of 45%.

– Getting red book with the payment of 5%.

The Diamond Island project’s price in the future

With the incredibly advantages of geographical location taking the wealth as well as the high-end facilities and beautiful landscapes, the Diamond Island  will have certainly the high price in the future.

Read more information available at: Vietnam Real Estate

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