Renting Houses Next To The West Lake Is Still Very Hot

Although other areas of the inner city are gloomy, renting apartments near the West Lake over the past 10 years has always battered tourists.

Our grandparents have the phrase “the first is near a market, the second is near a lake, the third is near the road”, the apartment near the West Lake almost all three criteria. Therefore, the real estate market here is very rare, so the price is always kept in “heaven”, even when other areas are extremely quiet.

The price for renting apartments along the West Lake is very high if you do not want to say is towering, so that the tenants here are many foreigners They not only choose this resort as a holiday destination in Hanoi but also consider the land along the lake as a place to live. As you may know, West Lake is also very popular with embassies when countries such as Mexico, Bangladesh, Hungary, Chile, Greece … have selected Tay Ho to set up representative offices.

Foreigners prefer to choose a house next to West Lake

Renting houses next to the West Lake

Westerners prefer to choose a house next to West Lake

Mr. David, an English teacher who has just moved to Vietnam for two years, has just bought an apartment along the West Lake. He said, life here is very airy, comfortable, has many advanced facilities and very little traffic jam. Compared with the face value of the United Kingdom, the rent and purchase of housing in West Lake are also very cheap. Moreover, his foreign friends live in this area very much, want to meet to chat or exchange work is not too difficult.

Decide the attraction from the apartment rental along the West Lake

It is not natural that renting apartments along the West Lake develop so brilliant. When talking about the cause of the attraction of real estate along the West Lake, we can mention some of the following factors.

It is home to many high-end projects

In the past, when referring to the high-rise houses along the West Lake, Ciputra is certainly not to be missed with its outstanding advantages such as its prime location, Apartment cannot be impeccable. Recently, apart from Ciputra, there are many high-end apartment projects such as PentStudio West Lake, Sun Grand City, Sunshine Riverside and D ‘. Le Roi Soleil – Quang An and a series of other projects are starting construction.

Renting houses next to the West Lake

Ciputra Hanoi – the symbol of luxury housing along the West Lake

Those living next to the West Lake are not those who have the money to build a house for rent or foreigners want to find a home to live in, so the segment they target mainly housing. high-end – perfectly suited to the development of real estate along the lake. This explains why houses along the West Lake despite high prices, but never quiet.

Living space in the dream with 60% of the area is trees and water

In a place as crowded as the capital of Hanoi, we can not find a place of economic prosperity and comfortable living space as in West Lake. With a total area of 993 hectares, West Lake occupies only about 228 hectares, accounting for 23% of the total area of urban construction and apartment rental. According to the plan, by 2050, the population of West Lake will only reach 58,000 people. In addition, with a large area of water, air fresh air year-round, West Lake is a green paradise in the heart of the capital that many people dream.

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There is great potential for economic development

Renting houses next to the West Lake

Nhat Tan Bridge – an important bridge between Tay Ho District and Noi Bai International Airport

The capital of Tay Ho district has developed economically, especially the state has set the target of turning Tay Ho into a center of tourism – cultural services of the capital. The completion of Nhat Tan Bridge along Vo Nguyen Giap route to Noi Bai airport further strengthens the district’s development potential. From here, a series of commercial centers, finance and banking, hotels and other facilities such as hospitals, houses, apartment buildings close up. In the future to come, Tay Ho district will not only grow in real estate or rent apartments in particular but other economic sectors will also be the focus.

If there are economic conditions, you should buy a flat to rent in the West Lake right?

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