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Semi-detached House At The End Of The Year: Increase Supply, Good Consumption

Increase supply, good consumption

While the condominium is in the state of supply over demand, in the segment of adjacent houses cheap, the situation is relatively good.

In 2017, real estate development in our country is very strong, in which the focus is the segment of condominiums with hundreds of projects in all segments are kicked off. However, there are also positive signs of positive housing growth, which are reflected in many statistics by real estate agencies and experts.

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What is a semi-detached house?

The semi-detached house is a row of apartments are built adjacent, fixed structure, usually the apartment in the same row of adjacent houses will have the same structure.

Increase supply, good consumption
A row of semi-detached house with the same structure

The adjoining house has a large balcony system, surrounded by a green park system and other amenities of a luxury apartment. Adjacent houses can be in the urban area, but in the suburbs are arranged in the land of the beautiful location. Therefore, when referring to adjacent houses, including cheap houses, they are also aimed at people with high-income levels in society.

Semi-detached houses tend to be more residential than business, so the first floor is not optimized, space is not exploited to the maximum level as shophouse – business apartments. This is also the characteristic that we use to distinguish between semi-detached house and shophouse – two types of houses are very hot today.

Increase supply, good consumption
The first-floor apartment of an adjacent house, the area used is not as optimal as the shophouse

Positive numbers of semi-detached houses in 2017

After exploring the neighborhood, let’s take a look at the very impressive numbers of affordable semi-detached houses in the past year.

In Hanoi, only 1,135 adjacent houses were launched in the second quarter of 2017, accounting for 66% of the total 1,719 houses from 12 different projects. In the third quarter, although the number of units added was reduced to 886 units, but accounted for 84% of the total supply of 1,055 apartments.

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As of the beginning of the year, there were 2,600 villas and townhouses in Hanoi, of which the center was the West of the city with 50% of total supply. Meanwhile, the selling price is also quite high, about  $3,700 /sqm.

Increase supply, good consumption
Neighboring Hanoi has many projects are offered

For those who want to buy cheap houses in Ho Chi Minh City, finding the source is not too difficult. However, the primary supply in the third quarter of 2017 is expected to decline when it reaches only 2,000 units. Trading volume increased 34% quarterly, absorption rate reached 55%, in which district 9 is the leading area. Total transaction volume of the semi-detached house segment currently accounts for about 85% of total transaction volume of all segments.

Benefit from the progress of infrastructure, affordable houses in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City promises to develop further in the future. For investors, this is really an opportunity hard for business to ignore.

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