Should Invest In Vinhomes Golden River?

Owning the prime location, vision and utilities of Vingroup Group, Vinhomes Golden River will be a safe and effective investment channel for customers.

However, the investment is only for the real estate and know how to capture the right time.

  1. Riverside property is beautiful location

According to CBRE’s survey, the real estate market in downtown Ho Chi Minh City now has about 10 super-luxury projects being offered in 2016. However, there is only one project that owns the “diamond” location.It is adjacent to the river, just off the metro line, the Vinhomes Golden River. Built on the model of urban ecology, Vinhomes possesses great investment potential because it lies on the land of life.

Firstly, Ba Son port – one of the largest port in Ho Chi Minh City – where traditional cultural values have been preserved.

Vinhomes Golden River apartment

Vinhomes Golden River is located between Thu Thiem 1 Bridge and Thu Thiem 2 Bridge to be built

Second, it is near the metro line. Ben Thanh – Suoi Tien metro line 1 is underground running through the urban area and there is a stop within the premises, the value of Vinhomes Golden River project will increase strongly. This is indeed a great investment opportunity in 2016-2017. According to Townsend, general manager of CBRE Vietnam, theoretically, a building located near a public transit station has a higher rent or selling price than the buildings located further away from the public transport system to help nearby residents to easily move to important points in the city.

This has also been verified in many countries around the world, after the metro line went into operation immediately real estate in the metro area passing through the average price increase of 10-20%. In particular, the closer a project is to a metro station, the higher the price, the value of the property can increase by 45%.

Thirdly, it is located in the center of the city, it owns two big fronts, namely Nguyen Huu Canh and Ton Duc Thang. From here, residents can easily move to Ben Thanh Market. , Ben Nha Rong, Thu Thiem tunnel taking only about 5 minutes. In addition to Vinhomes Central Park, Vinhomes Golden River is the only project that owns all three types of traffic: rail, road, waterway.

Vinhomes Golden River is located between Thu Thiem 1 Bridge and Thu Thiem 2 Bridge

Fourth, one of Vingroup’s strategic Riverside real estate projects – Vinhomes Golden River attracts inbound and outbound investors not only by the clean living space but also by great investment because of water transportation.

  1. Prestigious investor

The reputation of the investor is manifold in many aspects, including strong financial strength, transparency as well as added value for customers such as building up the caste community, advanced facilities, mechanism Professional operation, dedicated customer care … Choosing a reputable investor will bring great value to the real estate project.

Vinhomes Golden River apartment

The Vingroup Group thrives in many areas such as education, healthcare, real estate, retail

At present, Vingroup Group is developing in many fields such as education, healthcare, real estate, retail … Vinhomes is one of the successful brands with a series of prestigious architectural and managing real estate of the world. In 2016, the real estate system of Vingroup simultaneously ranked Vietnam in all three important categories of the Asia Pacific Property Awards.

In addition, Vingroup also owns management and operations. Every stage of the contract of sale, interior decoration to the subleasing, operation, maintenance … are done by the same unit so investors can peacefully be poured capital and not have to worry about Its property.

   3.Modern community with modern facilities

Belonging to high-end real estate segment, the selling price ranges from VND 70 million / sqm, mainly for high-income earners. At Vinhomes Golden River, there is a concentration of high-level intellectuals, leaders, expatriates and expatriates, forming a knowledge-based and caste community. The project possesses a panoramic view of the Saigon River, the zoo and the heart of District 1, which is an excellent living space for those who want to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle in the heart of the city.

Vinhomes Golden River apartment

As the land fund is increasingly limited, finding a green living space with adequate local amenities is the standard of living for most young families.

Nowadays, when the land fund is living increasingly limited, finding a living space with sufficient green space is the standard living of most young families. Therefore, Vinhomes Golden River is also built into a closed residential area with many green utilities. With a construction density of only 18%, a wide range of facilities such as squares, walking streets, green parks, swimming pools, gyms, … residents need not move far, only few foot steps are possible using all 5-star services here.

As one of the projects that own hospitals and schools on the premises, Vinhomes Golden River focuses on the development of the human element, proud to create a modern and most civilized community in the center of Saigon.

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  1. Model “ecosystem real estate” throne in 2016-2017

In 2017, the real estate market seems to be recovering its heyday with a wide range of highly competitive products from well-known developers such as Vingroup, Novaland, Capital Land. The projects with large and very large scale include apartment buildings, villas, townhouses and commercial centers, quite attract investors as well as buyers to stay. This has brought the real estate market to a new level, meeting the needs of customers and creating strong competition and division, which requires real estate companies to continuously improve quality. Products and services to survive and grow. Talking about the golden age of the real estate market, most notably since the Vinhomes South brand advances and launches super projects like Vinhomes Central Park, Vinhomes Golden River – projects that own the location and do Completely change the property market in Ho Chi Minh City.

Vinhomes Golden River apartment

Vinhomes Golden River is one of the most prominent riverside property in the CBD

Advantages of ecological real estate: Some Vingroup projects such as Vinhomes Golden River, Vinhomes Central Park have made a difference by building a closed system: As an investor, manager cum. This is advantageous in the process of operation and brings many benefits to retail investors. For large corporations that have a long history of developing projects like Vingroup, the biggest advantage is that they have created a “closed real estate ecosystem.” This is a great advantage to help investors make quick decisions, whether to stay or buy for rent. According to the development of the market, when speculative surfing is no longer dominant, individual investors are very interested in the real value of the project such as location, community, utility, landscape. … and management capacity of the owner in creating a “class” living environment. Talking about this, Vinhomes has been doing very well.

  1. Vinhomes Golden River possesses high profitability

From the beginning of December 2016, Vinhomes Golden River project owner committed to lease up to 10% of total apartment value within 12 months. Commitment to profit is calculated on the total value of the apartment and furniture (excluding VAT and maintenance costs).

Vinhomes Golden River apartment

The investor of Vinhomes Golden River pledged to lease up to 10% of total apartment value within 12 months.

Customers can self-furnish or deliver to the investor with the cost from VND 110 million to VND 230 million. Total interior investment is advanced by the developer and deducted gradually into the rent. In addition, the project also cooperated with prestigious banks such as Vietinbank, Vietcombank, SHB … to support customers to 75% of the apartment value.

Real estate analysts said that the advantage of the third zone will help Vinhomes Golden River has a sustainable profitability. By planning, this area of the city will focus on the development of high-rise buildings, office buildings … is the focus of many foreigners work. Vinhomes Golden River, when completed, promises to be the new heart of Division 3, which will attract foreigners to hire. Rent of this area is also predicted to be always “top” of the city. So who owns the property here also means having the “golden egg” for yourself.

Owning the prime location, vision and utilities of Vingroup Group, Vinhomes Golden River will be a safe and effective investment channel for customers. However, to invest effectively and avoid risk, smart investors should note the following.

Tips for Investors

Vinhomes Golden River is a very worthwhile investment because it is the only high-end apartment project between Thu Thiem 1 and Thu Thiem 2 bridges. It is also a project connecting the old administrative center of District 1. And the new administrative center of District 2. However, surfing investment or long-term lease is a question that all customers are anxious. According to experts, each of these forms of investment is suitable for a certain group of customers, specifically:

Surfing Investments: Customers who do not have much capital and need to make continuous capital swaps should choose the form of surfing investment that will be profitable in the short term.

Asset accumulation Investment: This option is for long-term investors who are planning to borrow a portion of their bank capital (Loans up to 40% in order to secure their debt financing). After the project is put into use you should use the main property is Vinhomes Golden River apartment for rent to continue paying interest. Then a few years ago you had a good apartment without worrying about sending money in the bank slip.

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Customers who have long-term idle money and prefer secure investment should choose the long-term lease option. In this form, the return will be monthly, but the return will be longer.

The note when buying apartments Vinhomes Golden River

If you buy Vinhomes Golden River to stay: If you buy Vinhomes to live in them, you should balance the income with bank interest payable to get the right loan. According to the safety margin experts, the capital of this group ranges from 40 to 50%

If you buy Vinhomes Golden River to invest: If you surf the investment you should prepare the amount of one-third of the value of the apartment to reserve time to ship. If time out is not enough will cause you to sell holes to cut lots. If you borrow from a bank, the expected profit will decrease because it will be part of the bank bag. It is advisable for you to look for reputable brokers, evaluate the good value of a good place to make a quick sale and have a safe enough time if your capital is enough for one year during the fever period. You can say 12-13% / year (> 6% you send the bank). If you surf the bad cheap risk of investment failure will be high.

If you buy long-term investment: This option is usually for people with fairly strong financial. They have a stable source of income and have a deep market understanding. They will borrow quite a lot, up to 60 -70% of the value of the apartment. They will let the bank pay their bills, what they do is business to earn a lot of money and pay the bank. The money they sell will be greater than the principal plus a lot of bank interest.

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