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Should You Buy A House At The End Of The Year?

Invite Vietnam real estate to find out the advantages and disadvantages of the market at the end of the year to answer the question.

Demand for sale of real estate at the end of the year

By the end of the year, the real estate market has always been more active as both buyers and sellers are in great demand. Investors will try to stretch out the remaining stock and open the sale of ready to complete projects in time in the year. Buyers who want to have a spacious place to welcome new year so the demand is very high. Although the real estate market is fluctuating, this is still the time of the exciting transaction compared to the year.

Should you buy a house at the end of the year?
Demand for sale of real estate at the end of the year increased

Why choose to buy home last year?

* The market has many favorable factors for customers

Current supply is creating intense competitive pressure for developers. According to the HCM City Real Estate Association, HCMC’s total supply could reach 57,000 units. According to CBRE Vietnam, with the supply exceeds the current demand, the market will slow down and prices can be adjusted. This is a favorable factor for homebuyers at this time.

Many real estate experts also said that home buyers should wait until the end of the year because housing prices are in danger of falling sharply.

* Many incentives, promotions from the owner

With the number of real estate products launched into the market while the demand of people is limited, investors will have preferential policies to attract customers to their products and projects. Therefore, the promotion, great incentives will be greatly opened. This has a positive impact on people’s decision to buy a house and this is also a favorable factor for them.

Should you buy a house at the end of the year?
Select the most reputable investors, select the quality housing products with the best price

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* There are many options for customers

Also in the context of the market of many projects, many housing products are launched, customers will have more choices: Select real estate owners, select quality housing products with the best price. The more comparative choices, the easier it is for home buyers to buy a house that is more favorable to you.

Note when buying a home last year

Although the year-end market has many favorable factors for homebuyers, especially at the end of the year, in the chaotic context of too many projects, investors and homebuyers are also very easy to get stuck between Lots of options and do not know what is the best option. Moreover, the real estate market still has many investors do business snatching, borrowing promotion methods, stimulating demand to cover the home buyer. Therefore, in order not to fall into the scene of disability, the home buyer must be very careful in choosing the investor and the project.

Come here, have you got the answer to the question above? If you are planning to buy a house later this year, then do not hesitate because this is a good time. However, you also have to be more cautious when buying a home at this time because it can be riskier in a chaotic market environment.

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