Should You Buy The Centrosa Ha Do Apartment To Invest?

Many real estate investors are keen on Centrosa Garden but still wondering whether to buy an apartment in Ha Do Project District 10 for investment or not. In this regard, the article below will analyze specifically to make it easier for you to choose the final decision.

In the real estate sector, there are two customer segments, for buyers and for investment professionals. It is easy to buy a house for a long time because nothing is too complicated, but to buy for investment, many factors must be considered because of the possibility of loss. Ha Do District 10 too, the purchase of large quantities to invest for profit must be carefully considered.

Taking into account the basic factors, we recommend investing in Ha Do apartment District 10, simply because of the following reasons:

  1. Very good location, right in the center of bustling District 10:

Ha Do Centrosa Garden project

In March, 2004, Ha Do Group officially opened Ha Do Centrosa Garden project

For those who specialize in real estate investment, the location factor of the building is extremely important. If located in a prime location, the price of apartments can rise rapidly over time, that is, when you invest is only number 1, after hours each day, this number will increase exponentially over time. In terms of location, Ha Do District 10 Project is completely ideal. In the midst of busy Saigon, the city’s important commercial district, the Centrosa Garden apartment has emerged as an impressive masterpiece. In this place, you can completely free up long-term or short-term investment without losing money. Not only lies on the 3 main roads of District 10 (3/2, Cao Thang, Cach Mang Thang Tam), the apartment is also near the Metro 3 station – a great advantage in the present and the future of terrain.

  1. 5 star facilities full of green living environment:

Ha Do Centrosa Garden project

Living space green brings feelings of relaxation after hours of fatigue

In addition to the prime location between the golden areas of the city, Ha Do District 10 is also an ideal living space that anyone can not refuse. When you want to invest in these units for resale or rental, you will never have to worry about empty rooms or long-term shelters because of the crowded population and the demand for finding and hiring houses is very high.  Especially when the project is full of all five-star facilities, add ultra-green living environment, super clean (21 gardens) and architecture style architecture class … then ask, who may not love it? That is not to mention a series of external facilities that only Ha Do projects are owned. If you boldly invest, you will see the potential for high profits.

  1. Ha Do 756 Sai Gon has super reasonable price, flexible payment method:

Of course, the price and method of payment is always a prerequisite for investing in real estate that anyone is interested in. In this regard you can rest assured, because the price offered by the owner is very soft, the payment method is flexible and simple. For those who specialize in investment, we also support you the original price super attractive.

Ha Do Centrosa Garden project

The project stretches over 3 main roads of District 10, and the apartment is located near Metro Terminal 3 – a great advantage in the present and even in the future.

From the deposit until signing the contract, you only have to pay 30% divided into several installments and the rest will pay when the transfer of the apartment (2 years). In the meantime, the price of real estate that you own in standby will still increase by market and of course, this profit belongs to you 100% without anyone else.

Currently, only two blocks have been opened, but the number of bookings occupied more than 80%, this shows the super hot levels of the District 10 Ha Do project. It is not surprising that in the second half of 2016, this is a project that creates a very explosive boom in the HCMC housing market.

Whether you buy an apartment in Ha Do District 10 Project for surfing or renting, you can do so without worry. If you are buying short-term resale, your profitability will only be 2-4 months with a profit of §4348- §13043. If it is for long-term rental, then you will accumulate quite well, and the rental price should range from 0.6% – 0.8% of the apartment value to pay back quickly.

“Take the iron hunter to catch the perch,” that is the best advice we have for you. Please advise us, because you will never regret that you have decided to invest in District 10 Ha Do project. A suggestion for you, is that if you buy the investment should buy in the First sale opened, and buy in good view (heading to District 1 is the best).

For inquiries related to Ha Do District 10, please contact us today.

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