Spiritual Ideal Living In Ha Do Centrosa Garden

The real estate market in Ho Chi Minh City is heating up day by day with a series of high-end projects. In the bustling District 10, the Ha Do Centrosa project has also emerged as a phenomenon and attracted a lot of individuals and investors interest. There is so great “pitch”, because the living space here is too ideal that everyone wants to experience once.

Refer to the information below, confident that no matter which customer you are, you are sure to be the most demanding customers also want to come immediately and own a Ha Do Centrosa Garden Apartments.

  1. Ha Do Centrosa is the “son” of Ha Do Group reputation in real estate:

 Ha Do Centrosa apartment

Only 1.9 billion people are quite capable of owning a very comfortable Ha Do Centrosa apartment

In Vietnam, Ha Do is an extremely popular name in the real estate market. The reputation of this Group is not limited to the whole country but also to neighboring countries. Some famous projects under Ha Do include Ha Do Nguyen Van Cong (Go Vap District), Ha Do Villas (Ho Chi Minh City), Hado Park View (Hanoi Capital), Resorts Nursing and luxury hotels Bao Dai (Nha Trang city)… In Laos, Ha Do together with the project Nongtha Paradise Land – Vientiane.

The most recent project invested by Ha Do Group is HaDoi Centrosa District 10. Compared to real estate projects are being implemented, this project is highly appreciated in terms of utilities, price and utility. Ha Do Centrosa is planned for an area of approximately 7 hectares, with a construction density of less than 40%, the rest for utility and shady gardens.

As the child of Ha Do, the company Ha Do Z756 Saigon direct management, so the reputation and safety of the project, you can rest assured.

  1. Ha Do Centrosa owns the heart of the center of Saigon:

     Ha Do Centrosa apartment

    Ha Do Centrosa Garden owns a flexible and convenient location right in the center of District 10

If you live and work in Saigon for just enough time, you will know that District 10 is a metropolitan area of the city, especially in trade economics. The famous streets of District 10 include 3/2 of a long way, the Revolutionary Road in August through many other districts and Cao Thang. The 3 main roads are where the Ha Do Centrosa project is located, specific location at 200 3/2 Street, Ward 12, District 10, Ho Chi Minh City, but from the directions above are all ports to Centrosa very convenient for travel.

To move to other districts is easy, you will only take a few minutes drive to reach the neighborhood or the shopping malls, commercial services crowded such as restaurants, supermarkets, theaters, cultural house… In such a position, the problem of boring you will forever never appear in Ha Do Centrosa.

  1. Ha Do Centrosa – Green environment, beautiful architecture, impressive interior:

The prestigious investment unit, a prime location like gold, is not enough to make Ha Do Centrosa stand out, without the lush green gardens and unique modern apartments and facilities.

Live in Ha Do Centrosa, around you will have all you want, from the cool outdoor garden to the street to the romantic garden floating in the clouds, from the shop to home furnishings. Children from your small apartment for single people to large family apartment … All will be provided by Ha Do Centrosa full of, not missing or excess, simply enough and “tight”.

  1. Buy an apartment in Ha Do Centrosa – decided to invest in super-wonderful future:

     Ha Do Centrosa apartment

    Perfect utility system in downtown Ha Do Centrosa District 10, Ho Chi Minh City

The above sharing of the advantages that Ha Do Centrosa owns is believed to have made many people fascinated and wish to live once in this space. So instead of wishing you should try to buy an apartment in the project to experience forever. This is a wise investment decision for the future, even if you buy it for a permanent long life or buy it for a later property if it is not here.

Do not worry too much about the price because there is no modern apartment with the most luxurious luxury like Ha Do Centrosa but super price “breathable”, from §295.217 / unit including value tax exhibit. That is not to mention extremely flexible payment method, divided into several stages. For example, if you want to buy a two-bedroom apartment, you only need to pay 30% advance (equivalent to §41.739), until your new home payment needs to pay the rest. But in the other 30%, you do not have to stack money one at a time but divided into four times, ending in April 2017. In addition to this, you do not have to pay any other costs. Is it simple to have a dream home, full of pink book and legal papers clearly between the center of Saigon?

Another great thing for you is thanks to the great prestige that Ha Do Centrosa is also guaranteed by Vietcombank to provide loans to make it easier for guests to own apartments. The super low interest rates, this is clearly the advantage and advantage that few real estate projects have.

To find out more about Ha Do Centrosa apartments and related issues, please contact us today.

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