“Subterranean” Segment Of Villas, Garden Of Villas, Garden Houses In Ho Chi Minh City

Not as noisy as the apartment segment, or adjacent villas …, but in recent years, the segment of garden villas in the surrounding districts still appear waves.

High demand

At the end of April, Real Estate Investment correspondent Nguyen Duc, a wood industry owner in Ho Chi Minh City, hunted downland to build a garden house in Phu Huu Ward, District 9.

According to Mr Duc, now in HCM City, to own a piece of land of about 300 sqm of construction of garden villas is quite difficult because unlike other market segments, there are many sellers and investors clearly, with this segment, buyers have to look for real estate brokers or find people who want to sell.

After learning a piece of land of 350 sqm not converted purpose from agricultural land to residential land with the price of $270, he does not quite like that because he did not change the purpose of use.

Looking to Gia Dat Real Estate Brokerage on Nguyen Duy Trinh Street, Phu Huu Ward, District 9, Truong Van Cung, brokerage staff said that his company had information about 4 pieces of land wide from 300 to 500 sqm, in which a piece of land of 450 sqm had just been traded.

Villa, garden of villa

The need to buy large plots of land for gardening of rich Ho Chi Minh City is quite high, but be careful with the land legal records.

“Land here often does not change the purpose of use from agricultural land to residential land. Prices ranged from $320/sqm to garden land and $730 / sqm to residential land, “he said.

After seeing the two plots of land, Mr. Duc appreciated a piece of 350 sqm here and made the deposit immediately.

“Last time there was a beautiful piece of 400 sqm of land with separate land plots, the price is only $640/sqm but hesitated so two days later bought back, was bought by someone else. Actually, this segment is very exciting, because there are many people in Ho Chi Minh City having the need to buy garden land as garden villas to live, “said Duc.

Not only in District 9, in Nha Be District, land for garden villas is equally vibrant. Catching the needs of many people with money in Ho Chi Minh City looking to buy land to build coastal villas, real estate brokerage firms in Nha Be district also grows more.

Mr. Nguyen Van Thin, Director of Nam Phat Real Estate Brokerage Company, on Huynh Tan Phat Street, Nha Be District, said that at present, the company no longer has any land for garden villas because it has been sold out.

“After 2 years being hunted and bought by the big cities, the land for gardening houses is scarce and the land is now in the population but they are not sold or the land has not converted the purpose of use, many people asked to buy high prices without land, “said Mr. Thin.

According to Thin, the price of land for gardening houses here ranges from $360-$640/sqm, depending on the area of each plot or residential land or agricultural land.

Similarly, in the Hoc Mon District, this segment is also said to be “on the rise” when from 2015 until now, many real estate companies eat up here made by the sale of land sales special garden house for the “giants” city to buy for the purpose of enjoying the fresh air and friendly with nature.

Happy to buy a piece of land of 600sqm on Xuan Thoi Thuong Street for only $130/sqm, Mr. Hoang Manh Cuong, resident of District 2, Ho Chi Minh City, said he bought this piece of land to make the villa home Garden for the family here for a weekend break.

According to Cuong, the land on the outskirts of the city is very much for gardening, but not easy to buy, because not all land can be built “cover”, by location, price and feng shui spirit. This is also a problem that the beautiful land was speculated by speculators to sell with a huge difference.

A price list that Land Real Estate Brokerage in Hoc Mon District offers for large land plots near the main road connecting the city is $360/sqm and the land adjacent to Cu Chi District has not been transferred the purpose of land use or separation, only $100/sqm.

Be careful with the origin of land

Mr. Nguyen Van Trinh, Director of Gia Dat Real Estate Brokerage Company, said that the market segment of land for gardening houses in the coastal districts had been active for a long time. However, that time was the most exciting moment because the economy has gradually recovered, a number of people had money through business or investment in stock so high, so the need to buy land to build a vacation home was of course.

However, Mr. Trinh said that while the market demand was high, the supply was more limited, because only the land positions and districts convenient transportation linked with the new city center had interested guests, in Cu Chi District or Can Gio District, there are rare people looking to buy.

Villa, garden of villa

Market segment of land for building garden villas in the coastal districts has long been active.

“These are all located in fast-paced residential areas thanks to improved infrastructure. Buyers themselves are those who have more money, more and more need to enjoy life. They do not just want to buy a place to live but also have the comfort and relaxation, so they will not choose the villas or condominiums of the developers who will buy the land for their own design and they will choose ones built in the form of “cover”, according to his preferences”, Trinh said.

However, a risk that the buyer of land garden villas encounters is many land parcels having not changed the purpose of use. According to experts in real estate, the land area is such a large area of agricultural land, the purchase and transfer use is not quite easy, especially now the city is tightening the illegal problem of changing the agriculture land to built housing in the coastal district …

“A lot of people go to buy land to build villas through real estate brokers, which are said by the “storks” that buying agricultural land without paper leaflets will help them move agricultural land into landscape. However, after the purchase and payment of money is completed, it can not be transferred agricultural land through the land, so buyers of land need to be aware of this problem as agricultural land when changing to residential land is not easy, especially large land plots” said Nguyen Van Du, Inspector of District 9 construction warned.

Tran Bao Tran, a resident of Binh Tan District, said that by the end of 2016 she went to Hoc Mon District to buy a piece of land of 300sqm in Thoi Tam Thon commune. This is a land of perennial trees, with a piece of land in accordance with her needs to build garden villas. However, when the purchase is complete, then the land is in planning.

“My fault is that before buying a non-planned inspection, the subjective reason is the time of purchase of land, this area is in the ground fever, so thinking that the land here cannot be in planning. So the amount of more than $91,000 to buy this plot to build garden villas has been shattered”, she said.

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