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Sunwah Pearl apartment with many facilities in transportation, health, education and environment.  Real Estate Express will share the wonderful experience of life here with you.

In the busy life, the home is a stop giving us a sense of security and comfort. Therefore, the decision of the place to live is a very important. Especially in the real estate market in Vietnam today there are many housing projects are developed. Let’s explore the mystery and wonderful experience of Sunwah Pearl project in Binh Thanh. With the facilities here, it will definitely give customers the most satisfaction. And an apartment in the Sunwah Pearl project may be an ideal stop and good option that your family is looking for.

Owning an extremely great location in the center of Binh Thanh District, Sunwah Pearl is located at 90 Nguyen Huu Canh Street, Ward 22, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City. It can be said this is a very convenient location. With such a convenient location, residents of Sunwah Pearl will easily and quickly reach the major venues of the city such as business centers, school services at all levels with international standards, major hospitals or famous tourist destinations of the city without spending too much of your time. At this convenient location, the movement in your work will no longer meet many difficulties like traffic jams. For those who are always busy with work, this also helps you save a little time, right? Large scale with many options for each family. Overview, with a large area, Sunwah Pearl project in Binh Thanh is divided into four separate towers, including 1 office tower – place for commercial center and offices; 03 apartment towers – The apartment buildings combined with trading services.

At Sunwah Pearl in Binh Thanh, you and your family can comfortably choose the most suitable apartments depending on the purpose of each family. Are you living alone and wanting to pick yourself a single space just right? One-bedroom apartment with an area of ​​51 – 53sqm will be a good choice. This area is not too narrow, you can still decorate your own style. This will be a perfect choice when you want to have a space reserved for yourself. If you are having a family with kids or a couple in need of work and live in this place? It will be very suitable if you choose for yourself a 2-bedroom apartment with an area of ​​97 – 105sqm or 3-bedroom apartment with an area of ​​122 – 124sqm .The service benefits are abundant here, customers will be very pleased. Sunwah Pearl is the place to bring your family the best things. This is the place where a lot of special services are built to save for the residents plenty of time to reach it. The inside of the Sunwah Pearl includes a full range of luxury services such as: Luxury restaurants, 5-star hotels, offices, commercial centers, supermarkets, children’s playground, gyms… In addition, the surrounding area of the project also has many other important utilities such as schools, hospitals, subways, … All the service facilities that the Sunwah Pearl project brings are aimed at a purpose that it gives the residents of this place the most comfortable feelings.

Sunwah Pearl Project

The full utility system of the Sunwah Pearl Project

Reasonable price for family

Sunwah Pearl not only is a good location with modern facilities but also has the reasonable price. At the same position with other Binh Thanh apartment project having a relatively high price, but the investor of Sunwah Pearl project promises to have a “softer” price. Meanwhile, the quality of the project will be extremely completed with service utilities that are not very different from other luxury projects. It is more wonderful if you and your family enjoy a wonderful life at Sunwah Pearl in Binh Thanh. All this will satisfy everyone even the strictest customers. Enjoying the best things at Sunwah Pearl Project! If you are looking for apartments in the South Saigon area, the Kenton Node Hotel Complex is a great choice for you and your family.

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