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Sunwah Pearl Is An Excellent Work In The Center Of Saigon

If you want to evaluate a project, you will consider many factors such as location, architecture, amenities, pricing policy, etc. However, Sunwah Pearl can meet all of these factors. You will be pleased when experiencing and living in Sunwah Pearl.

1. The location of  Sunwah Pearl is extremely potential:

In Binh Thanh District, Sunwah Pearl is an expected project in a period of 2016 -2017. It which is a deluxe real estate project built on the center of Binh Thanh District. Its address is No.90, Nguyen Huu Canh Street, Ward 22, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh city where is near Saigon Pearl and Saigon Riverside.

The investor of Sunwah Pearl project is famous Sun Wah Real Estate Group whose headquarter is in Hong Kong. Their 2 successful projects are Saigon Pearl and Sun Wah Tower which contribute to the reputation of Sun Wah Real Estate Group in the Vietnamese market.

Sun Sunwah Pearl project is invested by this Sun Wah Group with 100 percent of capital investment. It is located at a prime location because it is convenient traffic, good feng-shui, and suitable for trading.  From Sunwah Pearl project, you can easily to move to other places within some minutes. For example, it takes 5 minutes to move to District 1 or District 2.

Sunwah Pearl is surrounded by many other famous real estate works. Living in there, you do not worry about the traffic or the view. Moreover, the potential value of your house increases every day, so it is also an opportunity for you to make a profit.

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2. Furniture and architecture of the apartment are very impressive and unique.

Sunwah Pearl is invested by Sun Wah Group and is designed by EJGA Corporation. The total area of this project is over 19,000 sqm. It is not easy to own a large land in the center of the city like this. The investor attaches much importance to this project and is in an attempt to create the best things for it.

Sunwah Pearl Apartment
The Sunwah Pearl Apartment has an extremely beautiful view of the center of Saigon District 1

Sunwah Pearl will be divided into 2 main functional area. The first area is a tower whose high is 30 floors for commerce, office, and services. The other is 3 apartment towers whose high is 45 floors for rent. The number of the apartment is 1650 units and the total area of office is 30,000sqm, not includes commerce and amenities area.

The size of Sunwah Pearl is really great and it also has many outstanding categories which are suitable for new trends of the real estate market. If you are single, you can choose 1 bedroom apartment (area: 51sqm – 53sqm). If your family has many members, you should live in 2 or 3-bedroom unit (area: 97sqm – 124sqm).

Any types of the unit are equipped full of furniture such as air condition, light systems, kitchen ware, etc when you receive your house.

Besides, Sunwah Pearl owns a complex of internal and external amenities which are very luxurious. The project is surrounded by a beautiful landscape so that you can feel comfortable and pleased. The apartment is sold at the price from 1628USD per sqm.

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Sunwah Pearl Is An Excellent Work In The Center Of Saigon

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