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Sunwah Pearl – Place The Highlights

Sunwah Pearl is an ideal residential place for all the family and a rare opportunity for the intelligent investor. Along with us learn about the power of this project.

Suction power of apartment project Sunwah Pearl still did not decline until the present time. Although the project is still in the process of completing the world but received no less the interest of the customers as well as real estate investors in Ho Chi Minh City.

Sunwah Pearl of projects received such positive, steaming is the customer had capture the highlights of the Sunwah Pearl. A project referred to as the jewel of the city.

Good Feng Shui, brings luck to the house

This isn’t superstitious but a home has a good Feng Shui can partly help for homeowners better luck, do eat more fortune. Because of this, there are many families looking for and buy an apartment has a good Feng Shui.

The location is centrally located in the heart of the Binh Thanh district. Opposite the Sunwah Pearl project is the Saigon River full of dreaming together behind that title to the Saigon Pearl project, is also quite famous by city

Sunwah Pearl project is where the gas condenser, capacitor, ensure the full rules of feng shui, it brings every good thing to the home owner.

Sunwah Group- Estate Investor

Sunwah Group – a prestigious multinational corporation, from Hong Kong with diverse business sectors. For more than 50 years of development, this group has a lot of large and small network which is the subsidiary covering the Asian countries such as Japan, Singapore, Macao, …

Not only has the Sunwah Pearl,but also Sunwah Group has had many other prominent projects in Vietnam such as: Vinhomes Golden River or Vinhomes Central Park.

Why the investors chose Binh Thanh district is the place to let the Sunwah development?

In Binh Thanh district, specification Nguyen Huu Canh Street is currently has lots of the investment world “keep an inquisitive” and want to own. Have to say this is an extremely important route, throughout the eastern gateway of the city.

From The location of Sunwah Pearl, people can easily approach to District 1, District 2, from Nguyen Huu Canh Street come to Ton Duc Thang Street or Nguyen Huu Canh Street go straight ahead the avenue Mai Chi Tho only takes from 5 to 10 minutes by light motorcycle.

Here, there were also many modern facilities as well as the business area, we can say this is the most bustling Saigon. With the company, the bank, play area, cafe, restaurant or the schools are sprouting up san, alternately creating architectural complex of extremely tight, very accessible.

Sunwah Pearl has a very nice location, located in the heart of the city, Sunwah Pearl has opposite the river, convenient traffic. It is connected to other areas such as: the central area of District 1 of about 5 minutes away by light motorcycle, An Phu or An Khanh urban area in just 5 minutes, or Thu Thiem, the new urban center in District 2. Especially, the project is located next to the supermarket Metro. In this position, the move will become a lot easier.

Not only smoothly with road traffic. Due to the large river is the façade, at the Sunwah Pearl you can also move through the waterway. From here, you just take a few minutes walk over Thu Thiem Bridge which you can come to administrative center.

Sunwah Pearl- Precious stones of Saigon

Sunwah Pearl project has an unusual beauty versus the apartment project in Binh Thanh. This is a masterpiece that Sunwah Group Corporation would like to bring to the housing market in Vietnam. It is named the same as the pearl of Saigon

The view from on high, the lines of projects like are blend with the Saigon River full of poetic, along with the  winding of Nguyen  Huu Canh street and Thu Thiem bridge. All created an incredibly perfect works.

Sunwah Pearl Project
Full facility of Sunwah Pearl Project

Sunwah Pearl project in Binh Thanh district was designed like a self-contained complex includes many separate function areas such as: commercial center; Apartment area; Office area for rent.

Sunwah Pearl project in Binh Thanh district is an ideal investment place for real estate investors. Sure, with extremely prominent in it, Sunwah Pearl will be incredibly expensive and potentially highly profitable only in the near future.

Apartment project Sunwah Pearl of owner Sunwah Group meeting the necessary elements to increase the price for the real estate market in view as: located near the river, close to the route of the highway, near the center of the town.

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Sunwah Pearl – Place The Highlights

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