Sunwah Pearl – The Value Of The Life

The Sunwah Pearl project includes commercial offices, high-end condominiums and amenities. Be together with The Real Estate Express experience the value of the life here.

Sunwah Pearl is a complex of commercial offices and high-end condominiums. The project has been launched since the end of 2016 and expected to be put into use in the end of 2018. Despite being under construction, the Sunwah Pearl project has been a fever in the real estate market in the city recently.

Who makes the Sunwah Pearl appear in the market?

For a large project, its investor is also an interest of customers who want to buy or invest in the project. Customers will be more confident and more secure if the investors of the projects have great experience in the real estate market.

For the Sunwah Pearl project, the investor is Sunwah Group. This is the multidisciplinary business group from Hong Kong. In Vietnam, Sunwah Group has been known since the 1970s for its marine business and investment in the real estate business field.

With a lot of experience of investment and development in Vietnam, The Sunwah Group will bring great creation to the real estate market in the country. Through Sunwah Pearl project in Binh Thanh, Sunwah Goup will reaffirm its important position in the real estate market in Vietnam.

Sunwah Pearl is located at the center of the city

The Sunwah Pearl Project is located in 90 Nguyen Huu Canh Street, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City, the location is at the foot of the Thu Thiem Bridge.

The project owns this central location so that traffic on the surrounding will become extremely easy and convenient.

Your family will only need 2 minutes to go through Thu Thiem Bridge to move to Thu Thiem Urban Area or you just take 5 minutes to go to District 1. It’s so easy and fast, right?

Open vision, harmony with nature

In Sunwah Pearl, the big advantage is the view facing the Saigon River. In your home, you and your family can enjoy the romantic scenes of Saigon at night.

With the dim shimmering lights and a little sparkle of traffic light moving with the moonlight radiating the Saigon River, this will create a very romantic space for you and the family to enjoy the most comfortable hours together.

Organizing an outdoor barbecue with family or enjoying a hot cup of coffee, watching the scenery from high view or joining the family to hold a simple picnic on the roof of the terrace of Sunwah Pearl project.

What better than having my dear family to be together and get fun, right?

The idea is to develop the project aiming to be friendly with environment

To differentiate with other Binh Thanh apartment projects, the requirement for a green space is now being on the top of the difficult customers when they begin to choose where to stay for their family. It can be said that the project with large green space will attract more attention of customers.

With a total area of ​​19,071sqm, the Sunwah Group has asked the design team to pay special attention to the important objective of being friendly with environment to give residents a good place to live with the most airy and natural space.

With the idea of ​​eco-friendly development, SunWah Pearl Apartment in Binh Thanh owns an enormous space for community activities including: Union Sports Complex (playground for children, tennis courts, soccer fields…).

Sunwah Pearl Project

Green campus facility and pool of Sunwah project

In addition, the Sunwah Pearl project has an extremely large and friendly green campus and a swimming pool with an area of 2,000sqm. This will be great contribution to create a green space for the whole project.

With the high value of green life, the Sunwah Pearl project in Binh Thanh District will certainly pleased customers after visiting the project.

Sunwah Pearl owns a beautiful and favorable location and is designed with modern and luxurious style. In addition, the sale price and rental price of the project is very reasonable, supported by many banks. It can be said the Sunwah Pearl is the place to bring you the value of life.

Read more market information at: Vietnam Real Estate Market

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