Super Project Flare Brightly Among Thu Thiem District 2

Thu Thiem Empire City – Super Project Flare Brightly Among Thu Thiem District 2

Time rushes, people are busy with thousands of works, people are racing with time and machinery. That is the century of industrialization and modernization. Have you ever slowed down, thought a little differently and felt the world around, especially in bustling Saigon.

Winter is coming, Saigon is still noisy and riot. From a small city in terms of scale, the lives of many people are still face to many difficulties, Ho Chi Minh City today rose to become a modern city with high buildings, airy and spacious routes, that also builds a sustainable economic and cultural, spirit life for the people.

The attractive jewel of Ho Chi Minh City is gradually displaying splendid avenues, functional areas are gradually emerging to bring new values to the landscape and life of a class, the metropolitan megacity in the area attracts investment not only in the country but also in the world.

What make Thu Thiem so attractive? How much money is for investing this project? Who is the owner? How is the vision of the present and future? Let’s go find out!

What has made Thu Thiem so attractive investment capital?

Thu Thiem New Urban Area is located on the East bank of the Saigon River, with a total area of 657 hectares, is planned to be one of the new and modern centers of Ho Chi Minh City with the main functions being the economic center, finance, trade, high-class service not only of the city, the region but also international location. Thu Thiem new urban area is expected to become the most beautiful urban area in Southeast Asia, helping Ho Chi Minh City take off, truly the Pearl of the Far East.

A convenient location in the heart of the city, Thu Thiem is considered “Golden Pearl”. It is a project expected of many investors. We often talk about identity, talk about modernity, talk about so much that we have not yet created, but today we can believe that soon there will be a urban city of the capital which is worthy of the international urban.

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How much money is for investing this project? Who is the owner?

There are a lot of “big guys” in the domestic and international business and investment have been selected investors or are planning to invest in the project here:

– First of all, Vingroup with complex area, sports, entertainment project, Vinhomes Lotus Miga high-class apartment.

-The second is the consortium of Lotte Group (Korea) and three Japanese investors with the Eco Smart City Project.

– Third is the Empire City Venture, which is owned by Denver Power Ltd. – The United Kingdom belongs to Gaw Capital Partners – Empire City and two Vietnamese companies.

-Fourth, the Inter Pacific Group together with some US partners proposed a $ 4 billion complex project.

And Dai Quang Minh Joint Stock Company, Infrastructure Investment Joint Stock Company (CII) has also invested in projects worth up to trillions of Viet Nam Dong (VND).

Quoc Loc Phat Company can be said to be relatively new compared with these names, Quoc Loc Phat Corporation has a charter capital of $65,000,000.

In which, the largest shareholder is Hai Dang Construction Investment Joint Stock Company with 60 million shares, the value of shares is $26,000,000. Pham Quang Hung is the second largest shareholder and holds 45 million shares worth $20,000 (take of 30%).

Thu Thiem has attracted the ‘clusters’ in the business investment. Certainly this is an expected project that promises to become a metropolitan city with friends in five continents.

How is the vision of the present and future?

With a metropolitan area, the shape of a model urban area. With today’s increasingly modern life, living in a comfortable luxury is what everyone wants to look forward to. Convenient for fun, travel, study, entertainment. Then perhaps Thu Thiem is and will conquer any difficult guest.

Thu Thiem

Thu Thiem in the future is extremely classy luxury

With the vision of Thu Thiem now and in the future, it deserves a new urban area, which is attracted by the main investor concentrates on capital. One day not too far away, we will be witnessing a luxury city and the most modern city of Vietnam. This will greatly contribute to urbanization. Civilization is no less modern.

So why are you hesitant anymore? Thu Thiem is your own paradise, come and enjoy the true value of life!

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