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The 5-Star Serviced Vinhomes Quan Cang Riverside Apartment

Vinhomes Quan Cang Riverside is the only serviced apartment building facing the Sai Gon River in Vinhomes Central Park urban area.

Perhaps the fever of serviced apartments with the commitment of the lease of the investor is not over. Just half a year ago, the Landmark Plus building was very hot with full of furniture and the commitment of the lease itself to the highest return on the market, a minimum of 20%/2 years of the value of the apartment, which created a strong appeal for investors.

And in September, Vinhomes has officially announced the beautiful tower located in the facing of the Saigon River with the model almost like Landmark Plus – Landmark Riverside (Vinhomes Quan Cang Riverside) that it will be opened for sale. This is a way to help clear the heat of the hotel serviced apartments under the Vinhomes Central Park project.

location of Quan Cang Riverside apartment in Vinhomes Central Park


Vinhomes Quan Cang Riverside is the 45-storey building with a total of 14 apartments per floor. There are different types of apartments such as 1 to 3-bedroom serviced apartments, duplex houses, garden houses, penthouses.

The areas of ​​the apartments are from 45sqm to 90sqm, so it is easy to meet the needs for use for all families such as newlyweds, families of generations, singles…

It is equipped with 3 extremely modern and intelligent basements, 10 lifts, which helps residents in the apartment not wait too long. There are two exits designed to be easy and convenient.

The expected delivery date of the apartment is 2018. It will start selling in September 2016.

Facilities of Quan Cang riverside apartment in Vinhomes Central Park


Vinhomes Quan Cang Riverside is located in Tan Cang, one of the prime locations in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City with easy access to important areas in the city. The traffic is convenient in the road, railway, waterway and on the axis of Ben Thanh – Suoi Tien metro.

Quan Cang building is located in the inner area of Vinhomes Central Park, it is the most desirable building when it is built next to the Saigon River, so it owns a direct view of the river and an open space next to Central Park 14 hectares and the beautiful villas.

With this location, Vinhomes Quan Cang Riverside will give owners the opportunity to launch a great rental when customers have the desire to find a place to live in harmony with nature and be convenient for living and working.

Moreover, Quan Cang building is located next to the 81-storey Landmark building, the largest commercial, service, entertainment and shopping center in Vietnam. All living needs of Vinhomes Quan Cang Riverside residents can be fully met within a few steps with the best quality of services.

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