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The D1 Mension Apartment Is Perfect For All Families

D1 Mension

D1 Mension Apartment is the ideal place for the enjoyment and investment for your family?

Every customer has to choose very carefully when deciding to buy apartments to live to find the most comfortable apartment. With the desire to bring all customers to have the most comfortable apartment, recently the Capital Land investor has launched a “super product” to attract all the attention in the real estate market: “D1 Mension” – the place to bring the most perfect living for all residents.

What are the features of the D1 Mension Apartment project to offer the most perfect living for the residents? Finding it out with us:

Who is the investor of the D1 Mension Apartment project?

The investor of the D1 Mension Apartments is Capital Land, one of the most famous real estate corporations in the world with the well-known products such as The Vista, Vista Verde, Feliz En Vista…, which has created a great prestige for the group from Singapore.

D1 Mension
D1 Mension gives your family an ideal place to settle

The Capital Land Group has officially announced the D1 Mension project has been built in District 1. With the desire to bring a life with the highest quality for residents, the D1 Mension Apartment project is one of the first luxury apartments reach the 6-star standard. Built in District 1, the D1 Mension promises that it will give the residents a super-quality home with the 6-star standard convenient system for all residents here.

With the desire to provide the most comfortable life for the residents, the facilities of the D1 Mension Apartments are not small, it can be referred to as:

The great utilities come from the prime location of the D1 Mension Apartment project

The D1 Mension is one of the prominent projects located on Vo Van Kiet Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City. This is considered the convenient and easy position for residents to travel.

From the D1 Mension Apartments, it takes only 8 minutes by car to reach the center of the city. Thanks to the location, the D1 Mension can connect to District 7 – Phu My Hung, where many shopping centers, schools, hospitals… will surely bring the satisfaction for all residents.

Besides, from the D1 Mension project, all residents take only 5 minutes by car to reach the commercial center area, 10 minutes to Tran Hung Dao Street, Nguyen Van Cu Street and the busy towns. It is very convenient, right?

The super luxurious utilities come from the D1 Mension project

D1 Mension
The remarkable utility complex at the D1 Mension – Capitaland project

With more than 100 commercial apartments and about 200 apartments belonging to the Somerset brand with the 6-star level, it will definitely give the residents the highest comfort ever. The D1 Mension Apartments will bring a lot of great amenities to help customers always have the most comfortable moments when staying in the D1 Mension, which can be referred to as:

The indoor swimming pool system: bringing the most convenience to customers with the cool water that will certainly make you forget heat of the summer.

High-quality spa services: the 6-star standard of Singapore, the residents will surely enjoy and relax in the best way.

The modern gym room: With the modern 6-star bodybuilding machines and the professional trainers, you will definitely have the fit body you want.

Luxury shopping centers: With a full range of the high-end items from reputable brands, you’ll be sure to enjoy shopping comfortably.

Overlooking garden views: A panoramic city view will be available in front of your eyes when you arrive at the D1 Mension.

A lot of other internal utilities such as 100% preventive power for the apartments, clean water systems directly filtered, quality network systems and the bus service also bring the most convenience for all residents.

Safe life in the D1 Mension

Living in an apartment with a good security system has attracted many customers to the D1 Mension. With the four-storey security system, the investor is confident that all residents will live in the safest environment.

The four-storey guard system consists of the external gateway, the entrance lock, the internal communications system and finally the smart lock system with 3 functions and the camera system in the corridor, all activities in the D1 Mension will be carefully observed, thus it will provide the most comfortable living for all residents.

With the 6-star luxurious utilities, the D1 Mension will certainly bring the most perfect living for the residents. Thus, what are you waiting for without coming immediately with the D1 Mension to enjoy the life?

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The D1 Mension Apartment Is Perfect For All Families
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