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The Highlights Of Vinperal Long Cam Ranh Beach

Bai Dai Cam Ranh

Vinpearl Bai Dai is also known as Vinpearl Long Beach Villas, which is invested by Vingroup. It is the latest project in the Vinpearl Resort & Villas real estate resort system.

Vinpearl Long Beach Villas project is highly appreciated by the market, investors, and experts. It is worth investing the project. The investor is the new Vingroup Group that has been launched. The project possesses superior design along with sales policies that attract a large number of customers and investors. Vinpearl Long Beach Villas expects to continue the success of Vinpearl Resort & Villas.

At the same time, this will be a new investment trend for investors who are looking for a stable and long-term investment opportunity.

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Vinpearl Long Beach Villas is deployed to build on an area of 26 hectares with a complex of the high-class international standard resort. The whole project is planned with such items as Hotel, Villa, Restaurant, amusement parks, luxurious resort…

Vinpearl Long Beach Villas is located in plots of D6B2 and D7A1, which is in the zone 2 of North Cam Ranh peninsula tourist area – Cam Ranh District – Khanh Hoa. This position owns all elements of right person – right place – right time. It is also next to Nha Trang city center, and nearby Nha Trang Seaport and Cam Ranh international airport…

In the sea villas project, Vinpearl Long Beach inherits the advantages of having the most beautiful coastline in Vietnam with fresh air and convenient transport system. In addition, Cam Ranh International Airport is very convenient for travelers.

Bai Dai possesses incredibly smooth and long sand banks. When the tide ebbs, you will be surprised to see vast white sand harmonizing with coconut-palm and blue water.

  1. Vinpearl Bai Dai Cam Ranh
    Location map of the Vinpearl beach villas cam orange


Vinpearl Long Beach Villas has the size of the whole project up to 26 hectares. The goal of the Vingroup investor is to build a high-class resort in accordance with the 5-star standard. The items of construction in the project consist of villas, restaurant, hotel, high-end resort.

Some parameters of the project

+ Total construction area: 48,045sqm

+ Construction density of the whole project: 18%

+ Total floor area of construction: 64,120sqm

+ Design, scale of villas: 1-2 stories

+ Total number of villas: 200 lots

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The 200 villas of Vinpearl Long Beach Villas are consulted and designed by EDSA. The project is designed in a modern style, but still ensures the luxury, delicacy and the green space as the main design. Each villa of Vinpearl Long Beach Villas gives the owner a feeling of peace, relaxation, comfort, and an ideal holiday.

Types of villas of Vinpearl Long Beach Villas

+ Model 1: The villa has 02 bedrooms, 01 floor with an area of 220sqm and only 25 units.

+ Model 2: The villa has 03 bedrooms, 01 floor with 270sqm area and only 28 units.

+ Model 3: The villa has 03 bedrooms, 02 floors with an area of 300sqm and 118 units.

+ Model 4: The villa has 04 bedrooms and 3 floors with the area of 330sqm, the number of only 25 units.


– Location is favorable when in the center of Bai Dai

– The convergence of 5-star standard facility system of Vinpearl

– An effective investment opportunity

– Prestige investor

– Managed by well-known management group in the world

– Unique and perfect design

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