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The Irresistible Attraction From The Property Along The Lake

Property along the lake

2017 is the year marking the boom of Hanoi real estate with hundreds of apartment projects, of which “song” must include real estate along the lake.

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Since the planning is up to now, it has been 10 years, but the heat of real estate along the lake has never been reduced. According to real estate experts, land along the West Lake is the most delicious piece of capital that everyone wants to earn. As expected, in 2017, the market is still buzzing buyers.

Property along the lake: high price but always attract visitors

It can be said, the green real estate is the most prominent feature of the strip of land along the lake. This comes from the advantage of Tay Ho district, where the area of trees and water surface is 60%. While Hanoi’s average green perimeter is only one-tenth of the world’s standard, living space in real estate along the lake is not an easy dream to achieve. According to many foreigners living in Vietnam, the open space of the West Lake is the most livable place in the capital.

Property along the lake
Green living space dream of land along the lake

As a result, land prices and projects along the West Lake are always many times higher than other areas, even if the real estate situation in our country has fallen into silence, the land price here is still fluctuating at 350-500 million/ sqm, and about 45 – 50 million/sqm per apartment. Even West Lake has been compared to the most expensive cities in the world such as Tokyo of Japan, London of England or Paris of France.

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Under conditions of living land in Hanoi capital increasingly exhausted, the real estate price along the lake escalated, especially the segment of high-end villas are always in a state of smaller supply than demand.

Property along the lake
Despite the high prices, property along the lake still burns

Only for the giants, tycoons

Not only be hot on the status of expensive shrimp fresh land but also show the level of the lake by the appearance of a series of high-end projects. Now when it comes to high-end housing on the lake, people are no longer referring to Ciputra but also many other projects such as Sunshine Riverside, Sunshine City …

Property along the lake
West Lake is home to a number of high-end projects

Customers of the green real estate along the lake are mostly people who have money – of course because the land prices and the project here are very high. Therefore, people come to buy houses or rent houses along the lake, or foreigners living in Vietnam or are Vietnamese in the upper class, or investors buy for the purpose of hoarding.

The decision to plan the recent Tay Ho district of Hanoi is making the project of apartment and luxury villas gradually. It makes a scarce supply of property along the lake more and rarer. And with the price trend escalating every day as today, only need money to invest, you will never fear losses.

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