The Luxurious Interior Architecture In Empire Apartment

The Empire Apartment with the luxurious and modern interior architecture.District 2 – An area was known as a desolate oasis. Now it has been being changed gradually especially since the Empire Apartments began construction.

Interior architecture in the apartments is appreciated with the modern, convenience and originality.How attractive is Empire Apartment that makes many people love it? We can find out the answer through the post below.

Empire Apartments with beautiful river view

Empire City Apartment


In architecture, Empire apartments are built with the close planning, all units have a frontage towards the Saigon River. When you stand in the apartment, you can completely see the river view, enjoy the wind, the fresh air. This architecture of Empire Apartment project attracts so many customers because the customer needs a peaceful housing in the noise city.

Diversify the apartments for the customer’s need

Depending on the needs and financial conditions, you can choose a 2-bedroom unit if you live alone or live with siblings. If your family has 3-4 members, choose an apartment with 3-4 bedrooms.

There are 2 elevators on each floor so it is very convenient for travel, you do not have to worry about waiting problem for the elevator as the other ordinary apartment.

Interior architecture is a harmony of European style and Asian style

Empire City Apartment

Empire City Apartments is the birthplace and also the place to experience a top life in the center of Saigon

In terms of both architecture and interior design, it must be said that the Empire Apartment is a perfect combination between European style and Asian style, modern and classical, luxurious and cozy. Every detail in the apartment is perfect. Each apartment is always windy and clear.

In terms of interiors, everything is fully equipped to meet the 5-star standard, from furniture to decor. Entering the Empire apartment, you will feel satisfied absolutely. From the living room up to the bedroom, from the kitchen to the restroom, everything is perfect.

It can be said that Empire City apartment with the 5-star standard is the dream of any family in Saigon and is an ideal place to live.

Empire Apartment is handed over with the full interiors

Another great thing that other projects do not have is the home delivery policy with the full interiors. To other real estate projects, when you buy an apartment you have to decorate the interior yourself, but to the Empire apartment, you will not have to waste money and time to carry out this process.

The furniture imported from Europe such as kitchen cabinets, kitchen systems, air conditioners, wall cabinets, wooden floors… is already prepared. You can get your apartment and stay right away repairing.

Security and fire protection system, you can be absolutely assured because the investor is very interested in this issue. The elevators are equipped with magnetic cards and are regularly checked; 24/24 closed-circuit television and security guards everywhere.

With the above analysis of the interior architecture of the Empire apartment, I think you will have your own assessment. If you are interested in the apartment and would like to have such an ideal apartment, contact us for reservations

If you want to buy an apartment here, be quick. You are not too worried about the price. Although the apartment is convenient and luxurious, its price is suitable for many people. The price is expected to range from 2289USD /sqm to 2642USD /sqm. This price is reasonable.

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