The Luxurious Life In The Villas Vinhomes Tan Cang

The Vinhomes Central Park Villa is one of the high-end projects making the great attraction for the public. The investors and the experts supposed that the special attraction of the project is the large scale and price which makes the upper class desiring to get.

Previously, in the Ha Noi Capital, there is the luxurious apartment project surprising the real estate market when offering the sale-price about 6,160 USD/sqm. Matching with this value that is the luxury which doesn’t have any projects. The building is designed like the palace in France installed the smart and modern devices with the most luxury furniture in the world. The smallest details are glided carefully such as buttons or switches to meet the needs of the upper class in Hanoi, the investor will build two more similar projects after completing.

overview-Villas-Vinhomes-Central-Park in Ho Chi Minh City

Currently, the property market is becoming hot because there is the super project in Ho Chi Minh City – Villa Vinhomes Central Park developed by the leading property group in Vietnam – Vingroup. Since it appeared, the Villas make the curiosity for the investors and the upper class about its luxury.

The Villa Vinhomes Central Park is the project for the upper class. It is built with the large area of about 3.6 hectares creating the vast space and taking the owner the absolute private life that nobody can violate. Especially, The Villas is one of a few projects located in the center of Ho Chi Minh city and surrounded by the poetic Saigon River. The smallest villa in The Villas has the area of 223 sqm and the largest villa has the area of 700 sqm. The area takes the great space making the elegance of the neoclassical architecture. Moreover, it is also allowed to build the extensive garden space. This is exactly the luxury of the high-end villa projects in the center of the city. Next to the villa is the parkland with the area of 14 hectares bringing a green living space for people with the amenities such as rest area, shopping, entertainment. It is said that the Vinhomes Central Park project is the miniature modern city in the center of Ho Chi Minh City.

It not only has the luxury but also has the modern utilities and the luxurious services with the five-star standard for the owners. The security system is very safe, the CCTV system and security cameras were installed everywhere, the locking system in the elevator only opens when scanning right eyes or glass walls are used bulletproof glass. Therefore, the residents will live in peace and safety. Next to the villa is the Mandarin Oriental Hotel where will gladly provide the room services, the chambermaid, the wine cellar or the available theaters,… to serve all the needs of the upper class.

swimming pool in Vinhomes Central Park in Ho Chi Minh City

In front of the Vinhomes Central Park Villa is the five-star standard marina. The residents will enjoy the romantic moments, the peaceful space, the panoramic view of the city near the Sai Gon River when traveling on the yacht. The Vinhomes’ investor also provides 3 modern yachts to serve residents in the wine parties, birthday parties… In addition, the needs of life are always provided by the best services such as home care services, garden care, and maintenance of machinery and equipment, cars, barbecue area, children’s play area, tennis court, gym, yoga, senior private pool… This is the privileges of the residents at The Villas. To bring the full life, the Villa is offered an advanced water filtration systems, the backup power system 100%, free wifi, garbage and insects modern disposal system.

When living in villas of Vinhome Central Park, residents will have the opportunities to socialize, connect or create close relationships through the community parties or the club activities. And it’s amazing when you can see the sunrise on the yacht, drink the red wine at the weekend or exchange issues with each other and join the courses to help your children having the best life skills. …

This is exactly things which the investor attempts to create the high-class environment. The 88 villas of the Vinhomes Central Park are creating the high-end living in Vietnam.

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