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The No.1 Rive Bus Route Enhances The Value Of Vinhomes Central Park And Diamond Island

Route 1 of river bus

After a long preparation time, the number 1 waterway route with the route of 4 districts including District 1, 2, Binh Thanh and Thu Duc, has its starting point at Bach Dang Wharf (District 1) The Linh Dong Ward (Thu Duc) is going to come into operation.

The introduction of this river bus service not only gives the city’s residents more choice in the travel route but also offers price potential for a series of riverine real estate projects, including: Vinhomes Central Park and Diamond Island.

According to the Ho Chi Minh City Department of Transportation, the river bus number 1 (Bach Dang – Linh Dong) is about 10.8 km long, from Bach Dang Wharf to Sai Gon river through Thanh Da canal and then to Saigon river. The area of Linh Dong Ward (Thu Duc District) at the crossing position of Binh Quoi River and vice versa.

Of which, Binh Trieu wharf (the central wharf of the No. 1 river bus route) will be built with an area of 3.14 ha, located at T.21, Quarter 3, Kha Van Can, Hiep Ward Binh Chanh, Thu Duc district. Binh Trieu wharf is constructed of the main construction items, including: a passenger embarkation dock, a boat maintenance wharf and boat anchorages; Vehicle maintenance area, anchoring of means at night; Operator’s quarters and other works for operation, business support services.

Route 1 of the river bus
Route 1 of the river bus service (Bach Dang – Linh Trung)

For landing wharves to take passengers along the route, a number of parking places for the operation of routes will be built; Construction of commercial and service businesses and public toilets.

According to the Department of Transportation, according to the contract, in the 2017-2020 period, five vessels with a capacity of 60-80 passengers will be invested. Then invest in larger capacity vehicles in line with the demand on the route. The Bach Dang – Linh Dong route runs 12 times a day.

Thuong Nhat Co., Ltd. (owner of the river bus project) said that at present, the unit is urgently deploying the work items of the Bach Dang – Linh Dong river bus and expected to be put into operation in August/2017. Estimated fare is 15,000 VND / time.

According to Vietnam Real Estate, the bus number 1 of Bach Dang Wharf (District 1) – Linh Dong (Thu Duc) has nine births of visitors including Hanh Kieng wharf (ie Bach Dang Ben, District 1), Sai Gon Pearl wharf ( Ward 22, Binh Thanh District), Binh An Wharf(Binh An Ward, District 2), Thao Dien wharf (Thao Dien Ward, District 2), Tam Vu wharf (Ward 26, Binh Thanh District), Thanh Da Wharf (Ward 27, Binh Thanh District) Binh Trieu Wharf (Hiep Binh Chanh Ward, Thu Duc District), Hiep Binh Chanh Wharf (Hiep Binh Chanh Ward, Thu Duc District), Linh Dong Wharf (Linh Dong Ward, Thu Duc District),

Route 1 of river bus
End point of the river bus number 1 in Linh Trung Ward (Thu Duc) is urgently being constructed

Diamond Island, Vinhomes Central Park and many projects in Binh Thanh District, District 2 are benefited

If before the real estate projects in the crowded center are attracted by customers and investors are welcome, in just two years, the Riverside urban projects become one of the pepper. Even the first choice of investors as well as home buyers. This can be explained that because apart from the meaning of Feng Shui fortune, Riverside projects also bring a peaceful living space with full high-level facilities, help balance life and renewable energy for residents.

Currently, Ho Chi Minh City is also promoting investment in the construction of harbors, dredging rivers, planning waterway routes … Especially, the policy of investment budget up to VND 11,000 billion to develop roads Rivers in 7 river routes in Ho Chi Minh City contribute to reducing the congestion burden for roads while developing more waterway tourism. This will certainly be a good premise for real estate in the developed riverine areas.

According to CBRE Vietnam, this is also the case in Singapore and Dubai when projects such as Dubai’s Desert Jungle, Sentosa Cove, Marina Bay on the seafront have increased by 200%, from $ 8,000 to $ 9,000 per m2 at the time of opening. Sold in 2006 to $ 15,000-18,000/ sqm as of Q1 / 2016. In Thailand, the Water Mark, The River (Bangkok, Thailand), the price of land here also increased from $ 1,500 to $ 2,500 /sqm to $ 3,000-5,000 /sqm thanks to position along the Chao Phraya river frontage.

Currently, riverbank land fund in Ho Chi Minh City is not much and constantly rising prices, the trend of waterway travel is also expected to spread to the markets adjacent to not only the central district. Therefore, investment in real estate projects located along the river is quite potential, especially investment in the long term.

Below, Vietnam Real Estate points to four of the most prominent apartment projects benefiting from the No. 1 river bus service, with the advantage of having riverbeds running alongside the project, making it easy for future residents to connect to the area. Another area by waterway:

Route 1 of rive bus
Vinhomes Central Park (Binh Thanh District) is the first large project of Vingroup in Ho Chi Minh City located in a favorable location along the river stretching 1 km.
Route 1 of river bus
The Diamond Island project (District 2) owns the location of gas geomancy feng shui with 3 sides are river, Saigon river, Giong Ong To and Giong Ong canal. Refer to the detailed information of Diamond Island here
Route 1 of river bus
Saigon Pearl (Binh Thanh District) is a large project along the Saigon River between Thu Thiem Bridge and Saigon Bridge built on an area of 10.37 hectares with 5-star standard.

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The No.1 Rive Bus Route Enhances The Value Of Vinhomes Central Park And Diamond Island

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