The Outstanding Advantages Of Valora Kikyo Project

Valora Kikyo villa project is attracting customers’ attention. These customers are individuals who are seeking a permanent house or professional investors who want to buy houses for rent to make a profit.

Valora Kikyo villa project has a strong attractiveness because its prime location is very convenient for traffic and trading and its utility system is also modern and attractive.

It is said that amenity is the main feature which customer should consider before buying a house. Customers not only live in their house but they also experience amenities in outside. To understand more about it, we are going to learn the outstanding advantages of Valora Kikyo project.

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  1. Valora Kikyo villa project has full of internal amenities

Valora Kikyo villa belongs to Kikyo Residence residential complex project, so residents can experience all of internal amenities of this complex area when living in there. For example

– There is a large pool under the international standard for residents to swim in the hot summer

–  The project is near Rach Dia River, so the investor builds a walkway along riverside. You and your family can hang out on this way to relax your mind and improve your health.

– There are the modern gymnastics and yoga centers for the old and the young to improve their health.

– The entertainment area is also divided according to age. Children will be entertained in their own area with a special design to ensure safety. Adults can also enjoy having BBQ parties in outdoor, drinking coffee or playing sports (basketball, tennis, badminton, soccer, etc)

– The international clinic is helpful to you in case of need. This is a particularly important utility that not many projects get.

– Kindergarten and elementary school located inside the Valora Kikyo villa project, are like the future bridge for your child to access knowledge easily You do not have to take the time to pick up your child to school every day because your child needs just a few steps to go to school.

– The security of the Valora Kikyo Villa is also highly considered, with modern magnetic key cards, video phones for each villa and apartment. There is also a 24/7 security camera and security system.

Valora Kikyo Villas

The green space surrounds the Valora Kikyo Villas

  1. Extremely attractive external utility system of the Valora Kikyo villa project:

You may been impressed with the Valora Kikyo villa project, but we would like to confirm that when you see the utility of the project, you are really overwhelmed.

Because it is located in the center of District 9, the Valora Kikyo villa project is an intersection of main roads and full access to all high-class amenities in the outside.

The project is surrounded by super real estate projects from the famous investors in the country. Therefore, the Valora Kikyo villa project does not lack anything such as the school system at all levels to university, hospital, supermarket, commercial center, administrative area, entertainment center. The Valora Kikyo mansion is near Thu Duc Coopmart, Vinmart, Metro An Phu, Aeon mall…

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