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The Progess Of Empire City District 2 Project

Empire City District 2

Progress of Empire City Thu Thiem District 2 Project Updates Details Through Specific Timelines.

The progress of the Empire City project is currently the most popular issue today, especially the giant real estate investment. Daily information about Empire City is always the hottest information on the real estate market in Vietnam.

Understanding the psychology and concern and expectations of the masses of people in this article, we are constantly updating information about the progress of the Empire City project.

  1. The stages of the completion of the Empire City project based on the license:

The Empire City project is a super-terrorist project, valued at the international level, not just in the country. The owner of the billion-dollar project licensed by the HCMC People’s Committee is the consortium of four well-known companies, including Keppel Land (40%), Gaw Capital Partners (30%), Tran Thai (15%) and Tien Phuoc (15%). You can see more about the reputation, professional and capacity profiles of these units here.

Empire City District 2
Thu Thiem Empire City is expected to be the property market in 2016 – 2017

Located on the axis of Mai Chi Tho Street, a frontage adjacent to the Saigon River, is at the core of Thu Thiem New Urban Area, it is no surprise that Empire City received the attention of many people who acknowledge real estate.

Not only that, with its enormous scale, the Empire City project itself has also resonated with itself. You will not be able to find a top-level complex project like Empire City in the city named Uncle. In addition to the 3000 luxury resort and 86-storey Empire City Tower, this project also includes super-top items such as the prestigious 5-6 stars hotel and commercial center complex. That is not to mention underground parking, which is not inferior to any complex in the developed Western countries.

The construction began on October 2, 2015 and the projected Empire City project will undergo four phases to complete the project by 2020. Specifically, each phase is as follows:

1.30 – Phase 1: Start building foundation and build 490 luxury apartments + commercial and service areas, corresponding to 2 towers 4 and 7 with the height of 25-35 floors. Each floor will have 6 apartments of all sizes, 1 elevator and 2 lifts for residents and guests. The garage for each apartment will have a separate, spacious place (either a motorbike or a car). The total floor area will fall to about 130,000 sqm.

1.31 – Phase 2: Similar to phase 1 with the construction of the 8th and 11th towers

1.32 – Phase 3: Groundbreaking of Tower No 9 and Tower No 10 begins

1.33 – The final stage: Completion of Tower No.1, Tower No.2 and Tower No.3, followed by building of 5-6 star office blocks, 5-6 star hotels and complex of commercial center.

1.34 – What is the current progress of the Empire City project?

Empire City District 2
The Empire City project is a super-terrorist project, valued at the international level, not just in the country

The Empire City project has started its journey for more than a year now, starting with the construction of the first phase, that is completing the design drawings and building the foundations for the construction of similar towers as mentioned in Part 1 mentioned in detail.

Overall, the project is expected to be fully completed by 2020, but it is possible that those who purchase a condominium project in the project will be receiving housing early and entering early in the calculation. Currently, you can visit the Empire City construction area to update progress.

Believe that when it comes to where this project is located, you will be extremely interested and interested, because no location in Ho Chi Minh City is now comparable with Thu Thiem New Urban Area. Maybe you will be a little bit boring now, but a few more years, a series of real estate projects will grow up will make the appearance of District 2 change the meat, more brilliant and attractive, according what the city planned and desired.

  1. Official launch date of the Empire City project for the first time in 2016:

In 2016, the first sale of the Empire City apartment will open on December 10th. This wave is the first in 2016 but falls to the end of the year, bordering 2017, promising to create a strong boom in the real estate market.

The sale is only for customers who have booked, reservations should be considered as open to sell internally, not applicable to all customers. So, if you want to attend the opening session and become one of the first to own a high-end home in a billion-dollar project, then contact us quickly.

Staying in front of the house is definitely a great advantage that anyone who knows the real estate knows. If you are a pagan, try to seize the opportunity.

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The Progess Of Empire City District 2 Project

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