The Reason Brings Vinhomes Golden River To High Level

Vinhomes Golden River is a super product of real estate which was launched in last mid March in Ho Chi Minh City. The launch of this project with partners has reached a new record of 5000 participants. Find out the reasons why the Golden River project can stir up the real estate market.

From the early days of 2016, the real estate market welcomed many high-end projects. In particular, the project is considered to be the highest one belongs to Vinhomes Golden River of Vingroup. In order to do that, Vingroup Group not only has to invest in a large amount of capital, but also has to create new distinctive points that can attract all the attention of customers and investors.

Firstly, Vinhomes Golden River occupies a unique location in Saigon city

After the New Port – Vinhomes Central Park, the land on the old Ba Son Shipyard has become one of the diamond locations that are within the reach of anyone who involved in the real estate sector. Not only are the professional investors waiting to pour money and capital into the project but companies, distributing agents of materials, furniture … but also waiting impatiently.

The project has covered a large area along the romantic Saigon river, and is located in the heart of District 1 – the busiest and most dynamic district in Ho Chi Minh City.

Vinhomes Golden River project is located in a unique time in Saigon has been a disturbance for a long time until now. This project has covered a large area along the romantic Saigon River and located in the heart of District 1 – the busiest and most dynamic district in Ho Chi Minh City. This is a metropolis that has been able to reach the diamond ground, even when having money you can hardly own it.

Take the advantage is extremely convenient is that there are two facades in the center of Ton Duc Thang Street and one in Nguyen Huu Canh street. Interestingly, the project of Terminal 3 of the Ben Thanh – Suoi Tien metro line is located on the premises. When completed, the route will connect directly, creating an uninterrupted connection of the two largest urban centers in Saigon is Vihomes Golden River with Vinhomes Central Park.

Secondly, Vinhomes Golden River is the first and only river ecological urban area in District 1

No longer a suburban concept, it is possible to build a riverside ecological urban area, today, at the heart of District 1 of the City Center, Vinhomes Golden River appears, the only eco-urban area with large scale up to 25.3 hectares at the same time it has been built a perfect natural ecological model.

The Vinhomes Golden River project was designed by the world’s leading landscape design group EDSA of the United States make the investors curious, waiting for and huge expecting. With the hands of the world’s leading designers, promising to bring to this place the squares, parks, public buildings, walkways, landscaped gardens … a luxurious style, party-level and completely different, bringing world-class standards to urban areas.

Moreover, Vinhomes Golden River is the only project owned to four precious sights in Saigon. Facing the large Saigon River, there is a view of the bustling center – Bitexco Tower, on the other hand facing the high-end urban area with the highest tower in Southeast Asia – Landmark 81 of Vinhomes Central Park. The last face towards the green park, the most airy space – Saigon Zoo. Thank to this four-sided vision, which helped the project to raise value over the next several years.

Brings the highest level of elegance

The Vinhomes Golden River project was designed by the world’s leading landscape design group, EDSA of the United States, to make the landscape of the investment environment curious, waiting for and expecting huge investors.

Vinhomes Golden River is considered as the most beautiful real estate project of Vingroup ever. The project is a leader in luxury and modernity by world architectural design.

The apartments of Vinhomes Golden River will be delivered with full furniture which are the products of the world’s leading prestige brands such as Duravit, Bosch or Hansgrohe … installed with low E glass touching floor, equipped with state-of-the-art hi-tech smarthom equipment and a solar water heater, the water purification system is used to meet European standards.

Fourth, the best perfect utilities

Built as a miniature city in Ho Chi Minh City, Vinhomes Golden River owns a collection of high end amenities that include the full range of basic amenities to the highest level such as education, medical, entertainment, shopping, sports practice, community exchange. The residents will experience a 5-star level such as super marinas, mini golf courses, private pools, large squares, greenery, tropical gardens… Along with that is the security system with CCTV cameras, security cameras, alarms are installed everywhere to protect the absolute safety.

Living here, residents are living in a peaceful ecological environment, experiencing a comfortable and modern life leading the way, enjoying their private life.

Vinhomes Golden River is an upstream cultural community

With the highest level of modernity and diamond location, Vinhomes Golden River is an ideal place for businessmen and business owners, celebrity, knowledge in upstream community. Although the Vingroup Group has not announced selling price per square meter here, but with the advantages and the limited number of open to sell limited products, surely this project will meet the essence of the upstream community.

For the above reasons, it is not too difficult to understand that Vinhomes Golden River is the real estate project blockbuster in 2016, the meticulous project was invested by Vingroup Group.

For more information, please contact Vinhomes Golden River Sales Office directly at Hotline: (+84) 898 898 688 (24/7)

See more apartment information at: Apartment in District 1 in Vietnam Real Estate

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