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The Rent’s Price Of Luxury Apartment  In Saigon Fell Sharply

Apartment for rent in Saigon

The Saigon apartment rental market is always worthy of investors because of their potential and advantage. Rapid growth, strong growth is what the apartment segment brings to the rental market.

Recently, however, there is no information that luxury apartment rentals in Saigon are decreasing sharply. So how bad this issue is with Vietnam Real Estate learn offline!

The story of luxury apartment prices plummeted

According to property experts, the luxury apartment market is under great pressure from the strongest decline in the market so far. The rents have fallen sharply, but the number of tenants is decreasing, even in the long run.

Apartment for rent in Saigon
The rent of high-end apartments in Ho Chi Minh City is down by 20% compared to last year

In fact, the price of high-end apartment projects have been using for more than 5 years and are decreasing sharply in Saigon. Particularly in District 7 where the highest number of apartments for rent is also the place where the strongest rents occur. Rental rates of luxury apartments decreased by nearly 20% over the same period is an alarming number for many investors in the property market for rent in Saigon.

One of the main reasons for the sharp decline in Saigon apartment rents is due to the launch of many mid-range and low-cost apartment projects. Besides, the fierce competition of the new high-end apartment projects also made the old projects difficult.

The rapid decline of prices of high-end apartments in Ho Chi Minh City has greatly affected investors. Many investors in the high-end apartment rental project are concerned about the profitability as well as the ability to return from this segment.

Evaluate trend of luxury apartment for rent in Saigon in the future

Despite the reduction in rental rates, luxury apartment segment has always attracted the attention of real estate investors. In the near future when the rental market gradually stabilizes, the segment of luxury apartments will remain the key product is indispensable. The trend of luxury apartment rental will come back and promise to bring new potential for investors.

High-profit margin

Invest in high-end apartment rental market investors enjoy high and stable profits. According to the report of Saigon real estate market, the rate of profit from the rental of luxury apartments here is more than 6%. This is the highest rate in Southeast Asia and is increasing over time. Rental projects in the central area where full public transport and utilities are available, the return on investment will be huge.

Market attractiveness

The luxury apartment market is on the rise and increasingly asserted its position. Especially in the economic situation of our country is on the momentum of integration and development of people’s living standards gradually. On the other hand, demand for rent increases and the number of scarce supply also makes high-end apartments quickly become the focus of the property market.

Apartment for rent in Saigon
Luxury apartments are in the category of scarce supply in the market

Investment channel is safe

Not only the high profit of high-end apartment market is also the most secure investment channel. This security is evident in the segment of rental apartments are not much fluctuations in the market, stable supply and a good price increase.

Apartment for rent in Saigon
Beauty, luxury, space is the best insurance for luxury apartments

Before the outstanding advantages that the apartment rental brings many difficult investors in Saigon was completely conquered.

The number of tenants is a factor boosting the market for luxury apartments to grow and grow stronger. In fact, the price of luxury apartments in Saigon has decreased in recent years, but the forecast will not last long. So this is still a potential market if the investor has a reasonable business strategy.

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