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The Rich Man And Real Estate Investment

Giant and "gamble" real estate

The “hot” of the real estate market made many “big” in other fields sitting idle, sloping “investing” in a series of real estate projects.

But whether success or not sometimes depends on capital or brand but also depends on … cool hands.

For the years 2014-2015, real estate market (real estate) recovered again, this is also the time many outside the industry jump into the field. The cooperative handshake took place more, the new projects are licensed more investment.

The real estate market has recently been stirred by Nguyen Duc Thuy and ThaiGroup, pumping huge amounts of gold in Hanoi, investing in luxury resorts in Phu Quoc, buy back Kim Lien hotel.

The giant also cooperated with Hyatt Hotel Group to invest in a five-star hotel with a $ 165 million investment. Well-known in the field of cement production, transportation, insurance, securities … so Mr. Thuy’s direction is information fever.

Another big investor has poured hundreds of billions to invest in real estates, such as Hoanh Son Group (Ha Tinh), a company specializing in civil construction, infrastructure and wharf in Ha Tinh. Collected gold “Golden Land” Rubber on Nguyen Trai (HN) …

Recently, this wave continues as a series of business giants are also attacking the real estate.

Southern giants enthusiastically participated in the game. For example, Ho Chi Minh City Infrastructure Investment Company has set up a subsidiary company specializing in real estate investment with a chartered capital of VND1,000 billion. An enterprise in the field of agriculture, energy, electronic components production as Duc Long Gia Lai started construction of 3 projects with a total investment of about VND4,000 billion.

Le Phuoc Vu and Hoa Sen Group have just started building a 4-star hotel project in Yen Bai city with a total investment of VND1,200 billion.

Surprisingly, the group also established four subsidiaries specializing in real estate. The group is also keen to invest in a 1,000-hectare eco-tourism site, including 400ha of water in Van Hoi Lagoon and a series of other large resorts and resorts in Binh Dinh.

In essence, the massacre of the great Le Phuoc Vu is a return. Hoa Sen Group has invested in real estate in the past but failed, according to the chairman of the group was chosen by the time is not appropriate.

Giant and "gamble" real estate
The return of real estate market of Le Phuoc Vu has great success?

This move is very clear in recent months, consecutive news that Sun Hoa Sen investment in resort projects in Binh Dinh and Yen Bai. Specifically, in mid-May 2016 a four-star commercial and hotel complex on a land area of about 1.5 hectares with a total of 1.200 billion in Yen Bai. Lotus owns 70% in this project.

According to the chairman of Hoa Sen Group Le Phuoc Vu, the group is preparing to invest in many other real estate projects. There is a spiritual, ecological tourism in Van Hoi (Yen Bai) with about 1,000 hectares, of which 400 hectares.

In addition, Hoa Sen Group is also promoting investment in other hotels and resorts in Binh Dinh. There are a hotel and commercial complex on An Duong Vuong Street in Quy Nhon City and the resort of Hoi Van (Phu Cat).

However, real estate is a game not everyone can play. There were many big tasting the “bitter fruit” for real estate. That is Mai Linh is leading the country in the field of taxi transport business. The stumbling block when investing in real estate makes this group fall into debt, losing liquidity.

After cutting back, shrinking human resources and representative offices, the money is not enough to repay. This company had to sell more than 1,000 cars to recover VND200-300 billion debt repayment for investors but still cannot pay the debts of several hundred million of capital contributors.

To find ways to extend, invite more lenders to become shareholders in the company. Defeated with real estate, Mai Linh lost both lead and fishing when sucking the king in the taxi business for Vinasun.

Giant and "gamble" real estate

Many real estate businesses themselves recognize that this is a hard-earned market where success is unlikely to come from financial strength. The key is branding and facing the crisis.

The real estate market in Ho Chi Minh City has witnessed the flashy launch of Thao Loan with the Thao Loan Plaza project. However, the path of this rich man is from the earthen stairs. The project stagnated for many years with debts of hundreds of billion. The giant then “disappeared” from the real estate market. The project was bought from H.T Group from the bank, changed their name and sold immediately as fresh shrimp.

Even as an illustrious figure, Mr. Doan Nguyen Duc is “afraid” of this playground. In 2013, when Hoang Anh Gia Lai Group sells off its projects and completely withdraws from the sector, Germany insists that the market has no signs of recovery.

However, he was wrong. From that time, new real estate began to flourish. A series of difficult businesses such as Novaland, just to unleash the consumption of a project, immediately rose to a strong real estate corporation as the current.

While Germany elected the agricultural playground with “all-around” attempt, it faced great difficulty with the restructuring of debt in recent times.

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