The Serenity Sky Villas – Creating A High Living

Serenity Sky Villas Project is located in the center of District 3 among Ho Chi Minh City, it reate a living highland for the upper world.

The Serenity Sky Villas project, developed by SonKim Land, is currently receiving great attention. The project will be completed by 2018, but is currently being booked by a number of upper clients.

If you also want to own one of the 45 magnificent villas in Serenity Sky Villas to experience the hottest living space here, please contact us directly. We will help you to maintain the best position in the project, although on the common they are all beautifully shimmering.

Before placing your reservation, you should refer to the following information about Serenity Sky Villas Project for the right choice, without ambiguity.

  1. Culinary amenities come from every detail in the villa space in the Serenity Sky Villas project.

 Serenity Sky Villas

Life of the highest level in Serenity Sky Villas project District 3

The Serenity Sky Villas project is invested by BaoKim Land with the participation of well-known partners in the world, including Urbnarc interior design and SALA Design Group. Particularly in terms of structure, ICIC was selected as the designer and the electromechanical contractor is Aurecon. Even, the volume consulting company is also a very famous company under the brand name WT Partnership Vietnam.

Each villa owns a private garden for you to grow plants and flowers, and there is a private pool for family members who are spoiled for water without worrying about illness due to the crowded swimming pool. Not only that, the villa also has its own elevator and cool balcony with a view around the fresh green and bustling streets.

Especially, in the Serenity Sky Villas project, the villa ceiling is as high as 7 meters, double the normal house so very spacious and airy with extremely modern cascading design. In the rooms, depending on the function is also decorated furniture is very complete, such as wall cabinets are available throughout the space, kitchen with hood, microwave, oven and necessary equipment, toilets have accessories from famous brands in the world. Not only that, floors throughout the mansion are paved marbe luxury, not slippery, not scratched and not “sweat.”

When you need to be served, the staff will walk on their own path so it does not cause trouble to the family, even behind the home, which also has convenient back doors in some special cases. You can use these gates as a safe escape route, despite the fact that the Serenity Sky Villas Project is fully equipped with all the relevant elements, we generally only analyze the probability of use.

  1. The Serenity Sky Villas Project – peaceful green space in the middle of the city

In the middle of District 3 of Saigon, the Serenity Sky Villas project emerge as a new construction item, leading to the trend of peaceful living on the air, which is also the reason that the project called Serenity Sky Villas.

As a pioneering project, the Serenity Sky Villas project has been highly appreciated by real estate professionals and received much attention from potential clients, such as the elite who want a experience life and the foreigners working in Vietnam want permanent shelter.

 Serenity Sky Villas

Apartment Serenity Sky Villas luxury and sophistication

Each floor in the Block is only 3 to 6 villas, depending on the size and number of bedrooms (1-4 rooms), in particular there is a 275sqm Garden Villa and 3 Penthouse apartments ranging from 372 to 497sqm. The total number of villas is limited to 45 units, so if you want to own such windsurfing villas, book ahead to select your desired location.

Of course, before deciding to book a place, you can contact us to be taken to see the sample house at 251 Dien Bien Phu, Ward 7, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City. At the meeting, we will provide more information and advise you on any issues related to the Serenity Sky Villas Project. You can buy to live permanently or buy for investment. However, because of the amount of gender you need, you need to make quick decisions, before others take the opportunity.

Please connect with us today, you will receive many useful information regularly related to Serenity Sky Villas Project.

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