The Wave Of Real Estate Speculation Made To Change Land Prices In Dong Anh, Hanoi

The property market in Dong Anh district, Hanoi is really exciting. As soon as there are some sources of information on the planning and improvement of transport infrastructure here, immediately appear speculative activities, real estate brokerage development.

Accordingly, many “land” have benefited from the opportunity to shout prices, increase land prices to sell virtual land to profit in the land, not in the project development planning. Therefore, investors need to thoroughly understand the real estate information from many sources before deciding to invest in here.

Dong Anh land tax, Hanoi

There are some unofficial sources claim that Dong Anh real estate in Hanoi is preparing to build some large bridges across the Red River and the Duong River. According to real estate experts, the Hanoi government’s investment in building bridges in Dong Anh district is a “blow” for the real estate market warming here. Although this information is only the policy of Hanoi the reality is “land fever” in the bridge area across.

Wave of speculation real estate price Dong Anh Hanoi

Given the inaccurate information of real estate, land prices are being inflated

Market fever under the planning is quite normal. Although the transport infrastructure connecting East Hanoi is invested real estate investors should be careful to avoid the risk of virtual land fever, leading to freezing land. In fact, the lessons stuck when running the earthquake in East England, eating along the Nhat Tan bridge is still there.

Lessons from the past are certainly well known to many, many investors believe in real estate brokers conducting housing speculation with the thought that the construction of Nhat Tan bridge land fever in East England.

Wave of speculation real estate price Dong Anh Hanoi

Nhat Tan Bridge – lessons from the past for investors when deciding to buy land in East England

In early 2011, the real estate market in Dong Anh was hot, planning policies, infrastructure development is causing the real estate here no signs of cooling. Real estate speculators pulled on hunting the land, “brokers” real estate brokers are constantly blowing prices, though, the next two years, the price of residential land Dong Anh depending on the area under the slope under the rules general of the market.

The bridge has been built and put into operation, there are still remnants of bad crying, bitter swallowing of investors holding the land here, bank interest still pay while assets can not yet profitable.

Be careful when investing in Dong Anh, Hanoi

Although real estate East of Hanoi especially Dong Anh extremely potential. However, investors may not be able to “sit back and wait” when the real estate information in this area is as current.For those who intend to invest in property in this area should be cautious, have a strategic vision. With investors, lightning fast, lucky may be profitable, but the risk is also worth considering. Especially the opportunity to bring investment benefits from the real estate market is not for everyone.

Real estate prices follow the spindle master plan and the increase is natural but investors should not invest in crowd mentality when the planning is unclear. For plots with the clear red book and clear planning, investors can be assured of money but the land is not clear plan, careful consideration and careful in every situation…

Wave of speculation real estate price Dong Anh Hanoi

Do not invest in crowd mentality when planning is unclear

When it is necessary to pay attention to the legality of the project, the land, whether there are books, have paid the land use fee. See the commitment of the investor on the infrastructure and the actual implementation, not just the “promise”. In particular, should you check whether the investor is a reputable investor in the market? Buyers need to verify information on their own, not too trust the real estate broker to avoid unfortunate risk.

With real estate information incomplete and inconsistent in Dong Anh nowadays due to real estate brokers and speculators deliberately blow the price, buyers have to find out thoroughly before investing down. to avoid unpredictable risks.

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