Things Make Jamila Become Luxury Apartment

Nowadays, high-end condominium projects are increasingly open, in recent years high-end apartment buildings have been built everywhere, but not all high-end apartments have met the standards of luxury.

In the midst of that context, Jamila Khang Dien, a high rise apartment project, emerged as a phenomenon that attracted the attention of the real estate industry and the interest of the elite. There are many factors that prove Jamina Khanh Dien is a place to live in the city.

1 Luxury apartments

Jamina Khanh Dien

Jamila Khang Dien is proud to be the most livable place in the city that is the high-grade apartments

The first thing that Jamila Khang Dien is proud to be the most worth living in the city is the high-grade apartments. The apartments in Jamila Khanh Dien are divided into several zones, small apartments and large apartments. Each apartment is well-designed and modernly furnished. The architecture of the apartments is that even small apartments are well-arranged and the number of rooms is adequate and well-arranged, furniture is also beautifully designed to make the house become glimpse, neat, clean and cozy. All apartments are arranged with balcony and window facing the street, helping you to see Saigon at night.

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2 Excellent security system

The security system at Jamila is equipped with three extremely confidential layers of magnetic, video call and fingerprint cards that help manage the security of the apartment complex. With this security system, your safety will be assured and absolutely safe along with the camera system everywhere to help the team in time to appear in case of emergency, you will no longer have to worry about having a thief or bad guy stalking your house.

3 Standard service system

Jamina Khanh Dien

Jamila Khang Dien offers all modern standards, comfort and luxury

All services provided by Jamila Khang Dien are modern, comfortable and luxurious. Systems such as the fitness center of gym & yoga, the fine dining restaurant cater to fine dining needs and the need for a healthy body shape. In addition, Jamila also has a spa beauty system to meet all the beauty needs of women, now no need to go far, women can still experience the beauty services in your living space.

4 Gadget pool

The large swimming pool of over 800m2 is built in the large courtyard of the high-class apartment complex. The pool system is filtered continuously with intelligent filtration system to keep the tank water is always greenest and cleanest, especially the tank water automatically changes the temperature balance with the outdoor temperature so you can enjoy swimming without having to worry about cold winters or hot summer suns. Children can enjoy themselves in cool water during hot summer days

Hanging green garden

Jamina Khanh Dien

The hanging garden system is located around the campus of the apartment building to create a green space, harmonious, close to nature

Hanging garden system is located around the campus of the apartment building to create a green space, harmony, close to nature. The small hanging gardens will help the space during the summer months become cooler, the fresh air will help the living space become pure, help people feel refreshed, pleasant in the hot summer days.

Jamila Khang Dien is a place full of convergence criteria and elements make up a luxury apartment complex luxury and modern. With a system of apartment buildings with reasonable and neat architecture, luxury interior and modern help you feel the class and luxury lifestyle of the elite. At the same time, Jamila’s lush green facilities and services will make your life more enjoyable and more modern, so come to Jamila to feel a new, fresh life.

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