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Thu Thiem Urban Area – The Great Land For The Yourlife

The Thu Thiem Empire City – the Thu Thiem new urban brings the great value to your life

The Thu Thiem new urban area – the land is being invested heavily by the government to become the new center of Ho Chi Minh City, the complex of administration, the trading, and service bringing the breath of prosperity. Until now, at the Thu Thiem new urban area, the apartment projects are increasing with the facilities of convenient transportation.

One of the major projects is the construction of the Thu Thiem 1 bridge – the modern bridge meeting the needs of transportation and creating the most favorable conditions for residents

What do you know about the Thu Thiem 1 bridge? Let’s find out about this project:

With the new urbanization of the Thu Thiem Island, the constructions are increased significantly. The Thu Thiem Bridge is built to link the two banks of the Saigon River: A bank is in District 2, other bank is in the Binh Thanh District of Ho Chi Minh City. The bridge is invested by the construction company no. 1 of the Ministry of Construction with the total cost about 48 421 400 USD.

With the purpose of connecting Thu Thiem new urban area to the center of the city, the bridge is built with six lanes, the total length is 1 250 meters, the starting point is at the intersection of the Ngo Tat To street and Nguyen Huu Canh Street in Ward 22, Binh Thanh District, the last point is connected with the Luong Ding street in District 2. In the future, it will be connected with the East-West Highway towards the Ngo Tat To road route beyond the Sai Gon River.

The Thu Thiem Bridge will be built with 5 spans. The four branches of the bridge are the approach bridge to the Binh Thanh District, each branch consists of 2 lanes. The bridge leads to the District 2 which is equivalent to 6 lanes wide and about 160 meters long. Binh Thanh district intersection with the underground tunnel (460 meters in length) on the Nguyen Huu Canh Street is 4 lanes wide. The road to District 2 is 280 meters long, the thick cross-section is 47meters. The collector road will be extended to 1460 meters, the District 2 is 9.5 meters wide and the Binh Thanh District is 10.5 meters wide.

Thu Thiem new urban area
View of Thu Thiem new urban area

The Thu Thiem 1 bridge construction has created extremely favorable conditions for the development of Thiem urban area. How will the Thu Thiem urban area have been planning?

The Thu Thiem new urban area will be developed into the complex finance – commerce – services are located along the river where harmonizes with nature. The Thu Thiem new urban area is highly appreciated about the geography and the enormous developed potential.

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The planning of the Thu Thiem new urban will be increased significantly about the quantity. About the municipality, the gross floor area will increase up to 7.6 million sqm/ floor compared with the original data (5.4 million sqm). The population will rise from 120 000 people to160 000 people, the number of workers also increases (from 350 000 to 450 000 people). The guests will increase up to a million passengers.

The Thu Thiem urban area will be constructed with many areas such as central square, waterfront park, public works, residential apartments, schools, hospitals, recreational areas, the majority of biology research. The infrastructure will be held implicitly with the underground space in the urban center core. Good telecommunication infrastructure with the high speed of the wireless transmission line meets the needs of residents.

The international financial centers and the commercial transactions are also extremely important part of the project. According to the plan, the ideas and solutions are gradually being finished with the main investor is Vietinbank. This project is one of the important keys to the success of the project which will open a strong developed future of Ho Chi Minh City in the process of integration.

An impressive highlight of the projects is the 86 floors functional hierarchy of the Empire City project. The functional hierarchy is built with stadiums, gyms, clubs, offices, schools meeting all the needs of the residents in the Thu Thiem new urban area. The tower will surpass the Bitexco to become the tallest tower of Viet Nam upgrading the city to a new height.

Because of this development, the transport infrastructure of the project will be upgraded to a new quality. The system of four transport routes includes the arc boulevard, the Saigon Riverside road, the road on the high through the ecological park and the center of the lakeside road. The total invested capital is up to 440 354 045 USD. The four routes will be the four main routes creating the favorable conditions for the connection from the Thu Thiem new urban area to the other centers of the city.

It is said that the Thu Thiem new urban’s project has the enormous potential. One of the things that make up the development is the Thu Thiem bridge constructive investment. The Thu Thiem new urban area is considered as a new bright spot in the prosperous development of the Ho Chi Minh City

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Thu Thiem Urban Area – The Great Land For The Yourlife

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