Thu Thiem Urrban Spectacular Transformation

Empire City Thu Thiem – Thu Thiem urban spectacular transformation

Located across the Sai Gon River, Thu Thiem pretty empty with mostly bare trees and lakes covered. Over 300 years of history, this place has been impressed with the people of Thu Thiem fishing hardworking has created a poetic picture, charming of old Sai Gon. Due to unfavorable natural geography, mud and dampness, people’s life is unstable.

Every day, they gathered around the roadside cafes to remember, to nostalgic for a new life in a new place of employment after leaving the old place. At such times, nothing else they write each other’s phone number to facilitate contact. Surely we’ve heard someone read poetry in a carefree voice:

“Day gone hundred flowers dating

Day of without Thu Thiem ferry”

This is just the old Thu Thiem image, now in 2016, Thu Thiem – the peninsula is symmetric with district 1 across the Sai Gon River, which is evolving day by day. With the advent of Thu Thiem urban center, the main integrated center of Ho Chi Minh City. A spectacular transformation steps.

What makes such glowing Thu Thiem?

So what is outstanding, special in Thu Thiem urban area project make it receive much attention like that? Immediately, we go find out and answer these questions!

New urban area in Thu Thien awaken the potential of this land deserve city of 10 million people. With this small-scale investment project, many foreign, national experts and the Ministry of Construction have helped us to exploit land that his father left for the future.

So the city has planned Thu Thiem to become a new urban area with full financial functions, commerce, services, luxuriuos resident and functions that existing urban areas do not have. Especially, the works are being formed, in district 1 looking at the four major roads being built are the boulevards of the urban backbone. The remarkable work is that the office tower is expected to be a financial and securities center to attract domestic and foreign businesses to work.

Someday Ho Chi Minh City becomes one of the key centers like: finance, economics, trade, science and technology in Southeast Asia region is a great opportunity for external and internal resources.

The project is a combination of a 70 storey tower with many low rise buildings that integrate many functions such as entertainment, office building, commercial center …deserve a modern urban area, international stature. This will attract domestic and foreign businesses to work.

Thu Thiem urban area is planned to become a new, modern and expanded center of Ho Chi Minh City (total area of 657 hectares) composed of the main functions are the financial, commercial and service centers not only the city but also the internation.

New urban area is divided into five major areas including: the central core area, northern residential area, east residential area, residential area along Mai Chi Tho Avenue, the southern delta and eight functional areas. Each area has its own functions and characteristics about construction density, hit point works and public spaces.

Thu Thiem Urban

The capital of a prime town approach to use and use

Important public buildings that connect to the museum, symphony theater and Planning Information center. In particular, the two largest open spaces of Thu Thiem are the Central Riverside Park Square and South Flooded Park will be a new evolution of the city in the future, new public facilities can change the face of the city.

Thu Thiem not only has public works, culture and education at the city level but also works of international standards of 21st century.

The high-rise buildings will be concentrated in boulevards along the banks of the Saigon River. It is ensured that the buildings which are seen rivers as well as seeing the park to admire the natural panorama.

The unique features of Thu Thiem Bridge will be splendid blend of modern civilization with deep traditional cultural values.

With what Thu Thiem urban area brings hope with a strong investment in the future will help Ho Chi Minh City regain position “the jewel of the east” as the point of view the city leaders

With what Thu Thiem urban area brings. Hopefully with a strong investment in the future will help Ho Chi Minh City regain position “the jewel of the east” as the point of view the city leaders.

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