Transitions In Nha Be Land In The Coming Time

Nha Be Real Estate had a lot of changes in recent time, because of thanks to its convenient location such as near center city, convenient traffic, high facilities and infrastructure. Nha Be is promised to be the heart of the Saigon real estate market.

Nha Be District was formerly a barren, pristine land with very few people living here. Nha Be Real Estate is the focus of attention in recent years as it owns a prime location near the center of Ho Chi Minh City, inherit the most advanced infrastructure. As a result, the land value of this area increased dramatically.

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Population density in the city center has been increasing day by day with a lot of noise, polluted air. Therefore, many people choose to settle down in the suburbs, including Nha Be District. Le Van Luong, Nguyen Huu Tho Street is the bridge to connect Nha Be with the center city in order to help people travel easily. The expansion of traffic promotes the strong development of Nha Be.

With strategic location and strong investment, Nha Be will become one of the key districts of Ho Chi Minh City in the future. Nha Be where is the convergence of large rivers so the climate is always cool. Choosing to settle there is ideal.

Nha Be Land is going up

Owning the prime location, Nha Be has been developed by many investors such as Phan Fa Node project, the star village, duplex villas, and especially Kenton Node project.

Nha Be Land

Kenton Node Nha Be

Nha Be is adjacent to District 7 near the central city through the roads such as Le Van Luong, Huynh Tan Phat, Nguyen Huu Tho Street because these are the main road. The easy travel, moving to the center city center makes the demand for buying land and apartment increased. Nha Be has many types of townhouses, cheap apartments with many advantages such as good price, fresh air, peaceful.

Real estate in Nha Be is mostly low-priced houses that are suitable for people with moderate income. Nha Be is the ideal place for you. Especially, you should choose apartments in District 7 intersecting with Nha Be, the transportation is more convenient.

Kenton Node District 7 – Nha Be

Kenton District 7 – Nha Be is located on the Nguyen Huu Tho Street which is the main road of the projects and the bridge between Nha Be and District 7. With an area of 10.8ha, Kenton covers 23% of the total area and 77% of the green area, the official name of the project is Kenton Node Hotel Complex. There are 9 separate towers next to each other for apartments, offices.

Nha Be Land

The upward shift of Nha Be land

Utilities at Kenton Nha Be include luxury apartment, hotel, school, hospital, shopping mall, high-class office, multifunctional amusement park, theater, restaurant, spa, swimming pool, … and other extensions. Come to Kenton Nha Be, you will feel comfortable in the space having full of facilities, fresh air which is suitable for the family’s relaxation during the most tired work.

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