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UDIC Westlake Apartment  Always Develops For 10 Reasons

UDIC Westlake Condominium

UDIC Westlake Apartment appears like a typical model apartment building throughout northern Hanoi.

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With its outstanding advantages nowhere else, the project has become the focus of attention of many customers and is confident that it will be satisfied even the most demanding customers.

The 10 reasons below will be the most obvious demonstration of why customers should choose the UDIC Westlake West Lake project as a place to build a home or make a profit. Make the most accurate choice for you

  1. The prestigious UDIC investor.

UDIC Westlake Tay Ho is a project of Urban Infrastructure Development Investment Corporation (UDIC), which was started construction in late 2016. UDIC is a reputable real estate developer in Vietnam. UDIC is the owner of many prestige and quality projects such as Nam Thang Long urban area, UDIC Riverside … in Hanoi and many other projects in Hanoi.

UDIC Westlake Condominium

     2. UDIC Westlake is located in the “golden” location.

UDIC Westlake Condominium

With a prime location, UDIC Westlake is considered a key project in the North of Hanoi.

    3. Possesses top services and utilities.

The Westlake UDIC project inherits all of the benefits of previous projects and adds many separate utilities.

   4. Modern infrastructure, superior level

Infrastructure includes: schools, hospitals, amusement parks, entertainment … modern, luxury and class.

   5. Elegant design from outside to inside

The design combines harmony between Eastern and Western civilization.

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    6. Cultural, civilized community

The project is a convergence of intellectual workers, civil servants and businessmen, creating a community of civilized and polite residents, enhancing the spirit of solidarity and creating a bond between the households. family through the exchange activities, community activities.

    7. The ideal balance of living environment

It is a project of apartment complex, shophouse, office combined with commercial services, entertainment area … creating the most balanced life for residents.

    8. Located right next to Nhat Tan Bridge

Not only are locations less accessible than the back roads, close to central offices, schools, major hospitals.

    9. Security assurance

Installed 24/24 surveillance cameras in essential locations with international standard, automatic design.

   10. Profitable investment

Vo Chi Cong  UDIC Westlake Apartment is in addition to its own property, it is also bought for the purpose of investing profitably for many investors who want to buy apartments and for lease.

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