Valora Kikyo Is Proud Of Its 3 Outstanding Critera

Valorakikyo is proud to own 3 gold high-class criteria which can give residents a complete life.​​

If you want to know why Villa Valora Kikyo East Saigon is most mentioned in 2016 and promises to create a big boom in later years, you should find out 3 classy criteria that Valora Kikyo is proud to own.

In addition to the prime location in the city’s main roads, in the popular residential area of ​​District 9, it possesses many attractive internal and external advantages. Valora Kikyo Villa is a peace habitat that is worth to be in the top villa projects in Saigon.

This villa area is famous for the performance of its investors Nam Long and two big partners from Japan (Nishitetsu, Hankyu. According to the planning design, this project will be standardized according to three important criteria that anyone who experiences will be pleased, interested.

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  1. The first cretion: Peaceful

Valora Kikyo is a major project of the Valora Kiko Residence complex project, which was proclaimed by the Nam Long Group and its partner in 2016. It was created by a well-known investor who has successfully implemented other famous projects such as The Camellia, Valora Fuji, etc. Therefore, Villa Valora Kikyo project is highly appreciated.

You will find the charm of the project because when built, the investor has made three extremely important criteria. In particular, the top criteria is Peaceful (you can see its mean is Living in peace)

The criterion of Peaceful is very simple, you can understand the literal meaning of the word (safe, happy, security, etc). Living in this mansion, you will realize all your worries of life which disappear with the dawn sunshine, fresh air, green plants, and clear blue water.

On weekends, you can also sip a cup of coffee in the mansion, watch the peaceful space and spend time with your friends and relatives. Here, safety is always absolute, and when you settle in the Valora Kikyo Villa, you will understand what a wonderful life is.

  1. The second one: Proficiency

Peaceful criterion is an excellent one combined with the second criterion of optimal design, you will feel absolute satisfaction. Please assure you, the interior design of Villa Valora Kikyo extremely impressive, in accordance with Japanese style standards – simple but elegant, sophisticated and full.

According to the plan, the area of villas will be from 162.5 square meters to 345 square meters, depending on the number of bedrooms is 3 or 4. The area of the space is not too large, but thanks to the Japanese design space is used optimally extremely and always spacious, airy.

Wooden materials are used a lot in Villa Valora Kikyo, creating a cozy but very modern, classic but still not sad. You can see the wood appears 100% on the floorboards, doors, cabinets…

Normally, the detached villas in the Valora Kikyo project include 1 ground floor, 1 floor, two garages and a cool garden courtyard.

3. The last one: Perspective

The last criterion we want to analyze is an ideal living model that Valora Kikyo Villa performs. This ideal space will be reflected in every element, you can discover architecture, furniture, utilities, location to all related elements.

Valora Kikyo District 9

Peaceful life at Valora Kikyo District 9

Valora Kikyo Villa is located on an area of ​​17ha, which is a prominent project of the Valora Kikyo complex project. It is truly a perfect living model in the crowded Saigon. You and your family will feel completely satisfied because the air is extremely fresh and all amenities are full. What you want to buy are all available on the project. Even if you leave the project, there are a series of attractive amenities in the outside of the project.

With these three criteria, Villa Valora Kikyo is really an ideal living space for the upper class. You can buy a villa at the price 263559 USD per unit (including house + land) to live or invest later.

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