Victoria Vinhomes Villa Ba Son Owns The Gold Position

Victoria vinhomes villa – A decisive factor in the success of a project is the location. A house full of three elements:  near the center, near the river and near the main roads are the constant desire of everyone. With full and complete criteria, the 3 remaining gold positions in Ho Chi Minh City are Tan Cang, Ba Son and Khanh Hoi.

And Ba Son has been rated as the land of gold, the most outstanding and is considered the most beautiful in southern Vietnam. The wave of Vinhomes Central Park has not cooled down, the name of the Villa Victoria Vinhomes is located at the location of Vinhomes Golden River corresponding golden spot was also selected to send gold to the Vingroup Corporation, Real Estate Unit Most powerful in Vietnam.

About Vingroup Group

Victoria Vinhomes Villa Ba Son

Victoria Vinhomes Golden River Villa is located in the heart of District 1

Real estate products invested by Vingroup are always committed to the quality of construction of infrastructure and synchronous facilities and outstanding service quality. In addition, Vingroup Group is continuously actively improving the quality of life in urban areas such as increasing green coverage, developing projects under the Smarthomes model, in order to contribute to the creation of a class life for residents.

Especially, it is always at the forefront of setting up a security system that ensures the safety, tightness and security of the modern fire protection system, ensuring a safe living environment for customers.

Victoria the Vinhomes Golden River Villa with the most diamond location in the city

Coming to open for sale, The Victoria Vinhomes villa at 2 Ton Duc Thang District 1 is a villa in the overall project Vinhomes Ba Son. This is class villa, the most highlight of the project. Located close to the marina, you can immerse yourself in the scenery around the river. Just watching the scenery just enjoy the delicious food made by the leading Vietnamese kitchen on the boat is nothing more wonderful.

  1. The Victorian Villa Vinhomes – near the market

District 1 is the number 1 financial center in Vietnam. This place is crowded with many commercial activities, office buildings, commercial centers, famous restaurants, high-class hotels. The desire to have an immediate return to District 1 seems special to anyone living here. Ba Son land for customers more than most myopia, it is part of the word “market” that many people are looking for.

  1. The Victorian Villa Vinhomes – near the water

Victoria Vinhomes Villa Ba Son

Perfect 5-star living environment at Victorian Mansion

Since ancient times, our ancestors have come to understand that big river rivers always bring the land adjacent to their prosperity, a lively and peaceful living space with extremely convenient trade. Ba Son as a small peninsula with 3 sides is bordered by rivers, which is no more ideal than many people wish.

Westerners have considered an apartment or villa view the river is an ideal living space. In East Asia, in which Viet Nam attaches great importance to the “water” element of its house than most. About feng shui, it brings prosperity, health, peace to the people. Absolutely, Victoria is to be welcomed by most of the great giants.

  1. The Victorian Victorian Villa – near the road

Ba Son seems to have the best location that most people want in the city center of Ho Chi Minh City, connected to a series of most valuable routes today.

Victoria Vinhomes has two main fronts, namely Nguyen Huu Canh and Ton Duc Thang, which connect directly to Nguyen Hue walking street.

Victoria Vinhomes is also adjacent to other life routes such as Hai Ba Trung, Dong Khoi, Dinh Tien Hoang…

Another thing worth mentioning is that Ba Son is directly connected to the Ben Thanh – Suoi Tien metro line, sea villas. Traffic for Victoria residents is considered ideal.

In the future, the connection to Thu Thiem administrative center in Victoria, Vietnam will be very convenient because the Thu Thiem 2 or Thu Thiem tunnels have come into operation.

You will be especially comfortable with the security system here. The security system of the entire urban area is strictly guaranteed 24/24 operation. It includes security professionals who have been trained professionally, regularly patrolled and monitored and ready to be present when there is a warning … around the urban area to bring peace to everyone. Another special feature is that only the owner of the villa can enter and exit. Strangers must present their identification, ensuring absolute privacy of the property.

It is possible to see Victoria Vinhomes District 1 convergence full of factors that ensure the investment profit or loss of business, confidently create a bright future for customers. Right at the center, the investment in construction and modern design is also a variety of utilities that can meet the living needs of essential to the luxury of any owner.

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