Vietnam Real Estate Market With Long-Term Investments Of Bitexco Corporation

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The development of the real estate industry in Vietnam so we can not do without mention of the presence of the big investment. That is the business and corporations are extremely prestigious. Among them, the Bitexco Group is no stranger name in the real estate. Over the years, this corporation has launched many of the most magnificent projects and shows us the great ambition of Vietnam real estate in the continuous succession of long-term strategies.

Real Estate Market

Bitexco real estate project

Real estate projects of Bitexco Group

Having spent 15 years working in the field of real estate in Vietnam, Bitexco Group also has a lot of super-designed products are extremely beautiful and impressive. These real estate projects are always the brightest in the area. There are some typical projects like:

J.W Marriott Hotel

Bitexco Financial Tower

The Garden Hanoi

The Manor Hanoi

Ritz Calton Saigon Hotel

All of these real estate projects are considered super valuable and super nice. Almost all projects of the Bitexco Group are of great value, creating great resonance for the Vietnam market in general and the real estate industry in particular.

By 2014, Bitexco Group will continue to seize when they want to seize the right to charge Ha Long Bay in 50 years. The objective of this project is to develop Ha Long Bay into a leading destination in East Asia and to create an international tourism brand, towards integrated, comprehensive management. Moreover, the project also ensures the suitability of the regional strategy, the safety of tourism for Ha Long Bay and the sustainability of the romantic nature.

Bitexco Group cooperates with Mitsubishi Japan Corporation to create the super real estate.

This combination to establish a joint venture to develop the project of residential real estate in the project The Manor Central Park Hanoi worth billions of dollars. This has become the focus of the real estate market. According to the plan, the joint venture will be jointly developed 240 low-rise apartments and 2 high-rise buildings with 1036 apartments with the first investment of about 290 million US dollars. In particular, Mitsubishi Corporation only contributes capital and does not directly participate in the operation of the joint venture. The investment in this billion-dollar super project is considered as a breakthrough step of Mitsubishi Corporation in the real estate market in Vietnam.

It is expected that the Manor Central Park project will consist of a residential, office, commercial, school and sports complex with an area of nearly 90 hectares and 100 hectares of adjacent park. This is the largest and most modern real estate project in Hanoi.

Not only that, this is also the first time Bitexco Group cooperates with a foreign partner in the field of real estate. That is why the group is very much looking forward to this investment cooperation strategy between Bitexco and Mitsubishi for the transfer of technology experience and sharing of the global distribution system.

Dubai giant shakes hands with Bitexco Group to invest in real estate in Vietnam.

Real Estate Market

The Bitexco Group’s real estate projects are on a personal level and leave a deep impression

That is the cooperation of Emaar Properties PJSC with Bitexco Group to implement real estate investment plan in Binh Quoi – Thanh Da area. The combination of these two giants brings a lot of expectations for real estate development in Ho Chi Minh City. That is because of the urban area of Binh Quoi – Thanh Da has a large scale of about 430 hectares and these investors poured capital to $1,300,000,000 only to build infrastructure and compensation costs, clearance sites. Moreover, the company is actively coordinating with the authorities in building resettlement compensation and resettlement plans for residents. In addition, Bitexco Group is also calling for investment cooperation with many leading real estate corporations in the country and internationally. With the cooperation with the Dubai real estate giant, Bitexco Group is showing its great ambition in the real estate industry in Vietnam.  Therefore, the real estate projects of Bitexco Group are private and leave a deep impression, is the symbol of the development of our country.

You can read more information at: Vietnam Real Estate Investment

In the future, the real estate market in Vietnam will be further extended to foreign markets together with the cooperation of big corporations. We can safely relate our lives to them without much trouble. Real Estate Vietnam always look forward to a good future!

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