Vietnamese Real Estate Market Is Having The Positive Changes

Real estate is now one of the most popular fields that many residents are interested in. Right now, let’s find out how Vietnam has made a breakthrough in this field!

In 2015, we witnessed a lot of positive movements of the Vietnamese economy in general and the real estate market of Vietnam in particular, bringing out a brighter prospect for the future. Specifically is Vietnam’s GDP in 2015 increased by 6.68%, surpassing the target of 6.2% set at the beginning of the year. The total FDI capital for new registered projects and projects to increase investment capital reached $989,565 in 2015, up 12.5% over the previous year, of which real estate accounted for 10.5% of total FDI capital.

Real Estate Market

The real estate market of Vietnam increasingly asserted its position in the international market

Therefore, the real estate market in Vietnam has the prominent aspects, trends and potential breakthroughs in the future.

Vietnam real estate market gradually restored the supply and demand

In particular, the real estate market in our country is developing more and more strongly. There is always a close connection and interaction with other markets such as finance and investment. Therefore, once the Macroeconomy is kept stable, these markets will continue to grow well in the future. In 2008 – 2013, the real estate market always develops unbalanced, many stages have no transaction but sometimes the transaction is too “hot”. But recently, the laws and regulations set for this market had stricter regulations and more extensive provisions for businesses. For example, the law that allowed foreigners to own homes in Vietnam that is a big mutation. Therefore, in the future, the real estate market in Vietnam will continue to grow stronger and stronger.

Moreover, the buyers are now no longer psychologically waiting for discounted prices, They start buying houses and push the market warm. Therefore, the current housing transaction is continuously increasing and will increase further in the future. Specifically, the real estate credit in 2015 reached $14,869,565,217, foreign capital inflows into the market increased sharply … contributed to stimulating the recovery of the market strongly.

According to the monthly report of the Ministry of Construction, real estate transactions are quite stable when monthly reached from 1400 to 1900 transactions in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. As of November 2015, nearly 35,000 real estate transactions were made nationwide, doubling that of 2014.

It can be seen, 2015 officially ended the discounted period of real estate in our country. The market has confirmed to both the buyers and real estate investors that will not be able to reduce the price anymore, so buyers have stopped psychologically waiting and started trading. The purchasing power came back and added many policies to stabilize and support the development of the real estate market has taken effect. Moreover, along with the trust in the trend of active development of real estate in the future, many investors have returned to the market as well as customers are more secure in trading, buying and selling real estate when secured in many aspects.

Real Estate MarketReal estate credits go hand in hand with businesses and buyers

The real estate market in Vietnam is a positive trend with the receiving more capital inflows, so the credit flow to invest in real estate is quite large. Specific is about $15 billion, accounting for 12% of total outstanding loans. Moreover, cash inflows from overseas remittances to real estate in Vietnam are also quite high, about $ 3 billion.

As of the first nine months of 2015, real estate credit growth was up to 10.23% compared to the end of 2014. In addition, the interest rates in September remained stable compared to last month. The lending interest rate for normal business lines is 6.8-9% per year for short-term, 9.3-11% per year for medium and long-term. Real estate loans in our country have grown quite positively, of which housing loans accounted for the highest proportion of 39.3%, followed by the urban development of 19.8% and other types of real estate of 21.5%. It can be seen that the opportunity to access capital for real estate market development is very optimistic and will not occur the quiet.

In the current situation, the habit of the Vietnamese still gives priority to the real estate market when compared with investing decisions between real estate, gold, foreign exchange, banks, securities and direct production. The conclusion is that real estate is a prime investment channel for everyone.

Vietnam real estate market is getting more and more breakthroughs and will always accompany you for a better future!

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