Vietnamese Real Estate Market Is On The Rebound

How is the real estate market in Vietnam changing its face? Let’s find out soon with us!

Vietnam’s real estate is making breakthroughs that have transformed this market with a unique new look. Coming to this field, customers will be able to admire the greatest product. These works are more and more carefully constructed by investors and promised not to disappoint.

Real Estate Market

The real estate market in Vietnam with many changes

The status of “real estate bubble” no longer has appeared

Real estate bubble shows that real estate prices are rising too much compared to their real value. Today, we do not have a reason to worry about that as the prices are very stable and retail investors have not yet decided on investing. It can be said that the real estate market of our country has officially ended the period of the accumulated and deflated balloon. Specifically, consumers no longer waited for a discount and decided to buy on demand. The evidence is that by 2015, the real estate market has seen positive signs reflected the growth in transaction and credit as well as inventory reduction in all segments.

By 2015, the amount of real estate inventory has been reduced every month from 2% to 5%, especially in the last months of the year tends to fall sharply. This proves that the stock of unsold real estate will be gradually solved during the warming up of the market. The only way is to unite the deals and merge the businesses or projects.

On credit in 2015, the total outstanding loans to the real estate market in our country reached about $14,869,565, of which the proportion for the housing section is 39%, urban and other real estate is 21 %, Industrial zone 4%, land 7%, office for lease 9% … Especially, the decrease in inventory of real estate is a positive sign of this market.

In addition, the strong development of the high-end apartment segment in the last months of the year shows that the requirements of buyers are different. In particular, the buyers are increasingly demanding, not only the demand for a house to live but also the conditions of security, utility, … So the real estate market in Vietnam is more and more professional, it requires investors to calculate well to have the benefit. In the future, this market will grow stronger.

Another thing is that when the financial market is unstable, the real estate market is the strongest shelter for investors. It is expected that in the near future, the flow of labor from rural to urban areas will increase, the wave of urbanization will come to the demand for real estate. The phenomenon of “bubble” also no longer appear, if any, is not great because the real estate market in our country is increasingly transparent and managed more closely.

Vietnamese real estate attracts a large number of foreigners

In 2014, the Housing Law has opened the legal framework for foreigners to buy houses and sell houses in Vietnam. In order to implement the policy and bring really effectiveness, the management agencies of the State and domestic investors need to come up with specific plans in order to create the most favorable conditions for foreigners.

Real Estate Market

The real estate market of Vietnam is on the sidelines of large investors

The new policy of the real estate market will help to establish a more balanced, transparent and sustainable market in the coming period. However, foreign investors still need more time to look at the opportunities in this market before deciding to invest. In addition, another concern for some foreign investors is that housing policies in particular, the real estate market in general needs to have the long-term vision. Generally speaking, once the sustainable real estate market in Vietnam will attract a large number of foreign investors. There will be many investors coming to Vietnam to develop after Vietnam joins the bilateral and multilateral economic agreements.

The real estate market in Vietnam is proving to us that its great potential despite how difficult it is. You just enjoy happiness, and this life left us to worry. Vietnamese real estate never made you sad!

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