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Vinpearl Riverfront Condotel Da Nang – Golden Opportunity For Real Estate Investors

Vinpearl Riverfront Condotel

The Vinpearl Riverfront Condotel is a glittering jewel on the banks of the Han River in Da Nang. It is a golden opportunity for real estate investors because of their high value and profitability in the future.

Being the most powerful real estate brand in the Vietnamese market, Vingroup is investing a lot of projects across the country with different segments from high-class apartments, villas, amusement parks to resorts. A series of real estate projects of Vingroup is considered successful with two main product lines are Vinpearl and Vinhomes. Of which Vinhomes City, Vinhomes Royal City, Vinhomes Central Park, Vinhomes Riverside or Dong Khoi Vinhomes are among the high-end apartments for the elite families.

However, there is another line of Vinpearl branded products known as the king of the real estate resort segment with projects distributed in the famous tourist areas along the three regions of the country such as Vinpearl Ha Long Bay Resort, Vinpearl Luxury Nha Trang, Vinpearl Phu Quoc and most recently Vinpearl Riverfront Condotel in Danang. This is one of the projects showing Vingroup’s great ambition to create 5-star standard living values for customers in Vietnam’s most worth city. At the same time, this project is seen as a lucrative investment opportunity that cannot be ignored by real estate investors because of its extremely bright prospects.

Golden elements converge in Vinpearl Riverfront Condotel

Expected to become a jewel in the romantic Han River, the Condotel Danang project is known for its five-star standard hotel project that converges so many elements to become one of Vingroup’s hot real estate projects in 2016. It is located in a prime location with direct views of the Han River and the famous Danang Beaches. The front of the project is Tran Hung Dao Street which is one of the attractive roads attracting visitors. Vinpearl Riverfront Condotel promises to be an ideal paradise for living and relaxation by peaceful space and fresh air. In addition, the project is built in the most worth city in Vietnam with leading economic growth, Condotel is considered a promising project by convenient transportation that can be quickly connected and moved to the city center, the famous tourist destination or major commercial centers.

Vinpearl Riverfront Condotel
Vinpearl Riverfront Condotel is a hotel project with the heart of Vingroup investors wishing to turn the land next to the Han River into a unique resort paradise.

In addition, the design of Vinpearl Riverfront Condotel’s hotel apartments, also known as Vinpearl Condotel Ngo Quyen, is extremely modern and classy with 5-star standards that promise to become the leading resort of the city by Han River.The highlight is the Western luxurious architecture combining with living space in harmony with nature to create a comfortable feeling, beautiful view to the Han River and the coast bringing relaxed and peaceful feeling for everyone. Moreover, the high-quality interior and exterior types of equipment are imported from advanced countries in the world to meet the demands of modern life, making Vinpeart Condotel Danang a dream home for the upper-class.

Especially, Vinpearl Riverfront Condotel has a wide range of utility systems including modern gym and yoga room, high-class spa, swimming pool and sports services, miniature golf court, restaurants with European and Asian flavors, as well as the most modern casino today. All bring to the classy life experience with the aristocratic style that only a few resorts can own in Vietnam now. This shows the uniqueness and specialty of Condotel Da Nang. At the same time, the project also promises to be a golden opportunity for real estate investors.

Why should investors choose Vinpearl Condotel Danang to invest?

Vinpearl Riverfront Condotel is not only a classy resort but also an ideal investment opportunity with high-profit potential for real estate investors. With its prime location, the project is in dynamic and high growth area such as Da Nang city that attracts many tourists every year, so the ability to exploit the rental hotel apartments is great. In addition, with the ownership of Condotel Ngo Quyen Da Nang apartments, investors are not only holding the prestigious resort real estate products from the largest real estate brand in Vietnam, but the owner is also committed to the best policies to ensure the profitability of the apartments including Vingroup’s commitment to minimum profit of 10% per year with a leasing period of 3 – 5 years. Investors can enjoy a profit sharing of up to 85% from the rental program.

Vinpearl Riverfront Condotel
Condotel Danang is a prime location with a beautiful view, fresh living space and modern and standard 5-star services in Vietnam’s most desirable city.

Besides, the prospect of investment in the Vinpearl Riverfront Condotel apartment project is very bright when the owner applies the loan package up to 65% of the total value of the apartment at the expected interest rate of 0%. This helps clients who have scanty capital become owners of apartments quickly and open up long-term, high-return investment opportunities for the leading apartment and resort in Da Nang. Only with $31 thousand in hand, the investors can own Vingroup’s luxurious and modern hotel apartment. Especially when owning an apartment at Vinpearl Riverfront Condotel, customers also get 15 free relaxing nights per year for 10 consecutive years and concurrently be entitled to exchange, transfer and give relaxing night equivalent in the same villa system of Vinpearl.

It can be said that Vinpearl Condotel Da Nang is really an ideal place. The project creates a classy living space that helps customers enjoy the perfect life with family and friends, opens up the golden opportunity to invest and brings a stable and long-term source of profits in the future. Vinpearl Riverfront Condotel is like a precious jewel on the banks of the Han River because of the beauty and the five-star facilities that hidden in it are real value with opportunities and beliefs for investors today.

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